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Scope of application this atlas is applicable to new construction Expanded general civil and industrial buildings.

According to the width of deformation joint w = 50 ~ 100, w = 100 ~ 150, w = 150 ~ 250 and w = 250 ~ 570, four different types of deformation joint building structures are drawn.

2.2 the deformation joint device is a finalized product produced by the factory.


The first part is the on-site fabrication of deformation joint building structure; The second part is the factory finalized production deformation joint device.

Resource Name: 11zj111 deformation joint building structure resource address: Standard No.: 11zj111 Standard Name: deformation joint building structure release date: 2011-08-01 implementation date: 2011-08-01 standard status: current document format: PDF page number: 56 page drafting unit: Guangdong Architectural Design and Research Institute standard introduction: 1.

According to the location of the building deformation joint, it is divided into external wall deformation joint, internal wall, ceiling deformation joint, floor deformation joint, roof deformation joint and outdoor floor deformation joint; According to the structural characteristics of the deformation joint device, it is divided into: metal cover plate type, metal lock type, double row flush type, single row flush type, seismic type and load-bearing type.

The compilation of the atlas is divided into two parts.

The building structure is divided into external wall deformation joints, internal wall and ceiling deformation joints, ceiling deformation joints, floor flat joint and wall joint deformation joints, roof deformation joints, parapet deformation joints, flat roof and external wall joint and corner deformation joints, outer gutter cornice deformation joints and canopy deformation joints according to the use parts of the building.

Flat End Socket Cross Pin

2.1 deformation joints shall be made on site.


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