[2023 postgraduate entrance examination] Super Value – the “annual task plan” of landscape architecture students’ garden design /

The assignments for the 2023 postgraduate entrance examination are arranged as follows, which belongs to your VIP plan! Advantages of “annual task plan” of landscape people: ① formulate learning plans for students, study comprehensively and reject weak links; ② Get rid of the zero basic label before class to pave the way for efficient learning; ③ Release learning tasks every week and comment on weekends to keep students in a learning state at all times; ④ Urge students to review and consolidate after class, deepen understanding and constantly improve; ⑤ Teacher guidance and map evaluation to help students correct existing problems in time; ⑥ A large number of online open classes to help candidates check deficiencies and fill gaps and broaden their ideas.

After successful review, you can get a 50 yuan voucher..

For students who sign up late, the teacher will arrange the work progress according to their personal situation.

The “annual task plan” price: the original price of the annual task of the garden is 2000 yuan, and the students who sign up for the landscape garden class can participate with 500 yuan; The original price of the construction task throughout the year is 2000 yuan, and the students who sign up for the landscape architecture class can participate with 500 yuan; The original price of the annual task of garden design + architecture is 3600 yuan, and the students of landscape humanities master’s class (garden design + Architecture) will participate with 650 yuan; Preferential activities: Step 1: forward this article to the circle of friends or QQ space (all can not be grouped and blocked), and collect 30 likes; Step 2: send the screenshot to the person in charge of the campus after 5 hours.

During this period, you can watch and play back unlimited times.

The annual task arrangement of the garden is arranged according to the annual task arrangement of the building.

Annual plan the annual task is not a formal course, but to make an annual review plan for everyone on the basis of the course, and arrange landscape people to have specially responsible teachers to participate in the students’ efficient review plan throughout the year.

Corn Magnetic Box

The live broadcast lectures involved in the tasks throughout the year are provided with recording and broadcasting, which is valid until December 16, 2022.

The specific work arrangement of each stage will be published regularly in the student group.


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