Why is his architectural illustration excellent? Because he said no to “over show off his skills and cover up the scheme itself”!

Course time-   Recording and broadcasting   Sign up to watch  – Welfare 1: AI commercial illustration drawing – sengifuli 2: macro cognition of architectural illustration – Han Rui welfare 3: 3-hour AI basic literacy – Xiaobai-   live broadcast   Core content + comments on in class homework  – The class starts at 19:30 p.m.

01 ~ 20, can enjoy: 599   Yuan / person, ranking 21 ~ 50, can enjoy: 699   Yuan / person-   Old student discount  – Students who have signed up for Mr.

Round Bar Ferrule

New topics: previous topics of cultural and creative pattern design of the Forbidden City (gift): ① how to create collages? ② How to make oblique axonometric-   7-day 1v1 homework guidance creation period  – The original price of the course: 799 yuan / person (including later 1v1 tutoring)-   Early bird discount  – No.

for 6 times.

on October 10 (Sunday), and is broadcast live every Sunday and Wednesday at 19:30 p.m.

Han Rui’s main course can enjoy: 599   How to sign up for yuan / person? Before signing up, please scan the QR code below to enter the group and consult customer service promotion.


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