Construction at a construction site in Shijiazhuang disturbs residents at midnight! Relevant departments responded


The staff in the duty room said: “construction is not allowed at night! According to the law of the people’s Republic of China on the prevention and control of environmental noise pollution, the noise of night construction is the responsibility of the environmental protection Bureau and the Urban Management Bureau.” At about 6 p.m.

Three family poisoning accidents occurred in a month! Self inspection! Many families have been troubled for seven years! There is an “open garbage heap” next to a community in Shijiazhuang..

The staff who answered the phone said: “I asked, the noise problem belongs to the housing and Urban Rural Development Bureau.” The reporter also contacted the housing and Urban Rural Development Bureau of Wuji county.

“Some residential houses are only a wall away from the construction site, and my home is a distance away.

The staff clearly explained to the reporter: “according to the regulations of Hebei Province on ecological environment protection, the urban management department is responsible for night noise pollution.” the reporter found this regulation online, and Article 57 clearly stipulates: “…

Help to talk, help to investigate, help to answer questions…

Li, she is a villager in dongzhongpu village, Wuji county.

She is worried about the impact of construction noise on children’s study and rest.

Li, a resident of Wuji County, Shijiazhuang, reported to the Deputy hotline of Yanzhao Metropolis Daily that near the intersection of Renhe street and Zhongchang road in Wuji County, a construction site often works in the middle of the night, and the noise makes people unable to sleep, which seriously affects the rest of nearby residents.

“I also complained to the Environmental Protection Bureau, but the other party responded that they are not responsible.” Ms.

With questions, the reporter contacted the Wuji County Urban Management Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Bureau by telephone.

Li, the reporter contacted the Environmental Protection Bureau of Wuji County by telephone.

Who should be in charge of environmental protection, urban management and housing construction? In response to the problems reflected by MS.

After the concealed works are completed, the construction will not be carried out at night.” the staff member said that the current night construction of the project has been filed with the government.

The staff said: “Night construction belongs to the urban management department, not our environmental protection department.” the staff member said that he would reflect the specific situation to the superior, and then reply to the reporter.

“For night construction noise, we have sent staff to urge the construction party to minimize night construction time and noise.” However, the staff member said that the government did not inform the specific time when the night construction of the civil air defense project would be completed.

Li hopes that with the help of the reporter, the relevant departments will pay attention to it, urge the construction party to rectify, reduce the impact of noise, and give everyone a quiet rest environment.

Li) the residents are unbearable to noise pollution.

However, all kinds of construction noise can be clearly heard every night, including the sound of machine mixing, the sound of large vehicles entering and leaving, the sound of electric drills and the sound of steel bar collision, which makes people unable to sleep.” the residential building project of Mingshang University constructed at night (the picture is provided by Ms.

that day, the reporter received a feedback call from the staff of Wuji County Environmental Protection Bureau.

The staff said that they would reflect the situation to the people’s Government of Wuji County, urge them to strengthen management, and answer the reporter within 5 working days Reply.

“Non stop construction at night, the noise is too loud, seriously disturbing the residents, and often can’t sleep.” on August 30, Ms.

Li miserable.

Facing the legal basis put forward by the reporter, the staff admitted that the noise of night construction really belongs to them.

Then, when did the night construction of the underground civil air defense project end? The reporter called the 12345 government service convenience hotline.

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Li) the construction site is constructed at night (the picture is provided by Ms.

According to Ms.

It will be hot to sleep with the windows closed this season, and it is noisy to sleep without the windows closed.

Because the underground civil air defense project is being done, it must be constructed continuously, otherwise there will be potential safety hazards.

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She lives in a self built house on the first floor, and the residential building project of Mingshang university is on the east side of the village.

Moreover, the children will start school soon.

The help hotline is 0311-88620000    13930191752 △ source / Yandu financial media reporter of Yanzhao Metropolis Daily Zhang peipeipei / Dong Zheng’s past review Lang Ping announced his resignation as head coach of the Chinese women’s volleyball team.

(the video is provided by Ms.

“I’ve learned that the Mingshang university project is only constructed at night these two days.

If continuous operations are necessary due to special needs, they shall be certified by the people’s government at or above the county level or its relevant competent departments and shall be carried out in advance Article 76 expressly stipulates: “Whoever, in violation of the provisions of these regulations, carries out prohibited construction operations that produce environmental noise pollution at night in the areas where noise sensitive buildings are concentrated in urban areas, shall be ordered by the urban administrative department to make corrections and may be fined not less than 50000 yuan but not more than 100000 yuan.” Urban Management Bureau: it will urge the construction party to reduce night construction.

Li) “Construction during the day is normal, and the noise can be tolerated no matter how loud, but construction in the early morning is a serious nuisance to the residents, and construction is not allowed at night.

in areas where noise sensitive buildings are concentrated in urban areas, it is prohibited to carry out construction operations that produce environmental noise pollution at night, except for emergency repair, rescue operations and continuous operations due to production process requirements or special needs.

In response to the response given by the Environmental Protection Bureau of Wuji county and the housing and Urban Rural Development Bureau, on August 31, the reporter contacted the comprehensive administrative law enforcement bureau of urban management of Wuji county again.

Li said that the phenomenon of night construction has lasted about a week.

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It has become an extravagant hope to have a safe sleep.” The roar of the construction site all night makes Ms.


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