Building daylighting + photovoltaic power generation Winter Olympic facilities add green “new business card”

The skylight adopts the side light entry mode, and the photovoltaic modules are black frameless design.

Integrating modern architectural design and realizing innovative application of photovoltaic power generation, this new project will add a new environmental protection card to Yanqing competition area and make a contribution to the green Olympic Games.

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It is the first building photovoltaic integrated application project in Yanqing competition area of Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games.

Every four modules are spliced and installed on one skylight, just like the black glass curtain wall is placed over the skylight, which makes the mountain news center full of a sense of modernity and science and technology, and realizes the combination of photovoltaic power generation and architectural landscape.

Recently, the installation of the building photovoltaic integrated application project of the Mountain News Center has been completed, adding attractive rows of “black” skylights to the Winter Olympic facilities, which can light and generate electricity.

Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics is getting closer and closer, and the newly completed Winter Olympics related venues and supporting facilities have also been unveiled one after another.

According to the relevant person in charge of the municipal development and Reform Commission, according to the annual average power generation, the project can save about 40.8 tons of standard coal and 36.7 tons of carbon dioxide per year, The effect of energy conservation and emission reduction is remarkable.

Among them, the Mountain News Center in Yanqing competition area looks particularly “special”.

“Building photovoltaic integration is one of the renewable energy application forms with rapid technological innovation and broad market prospects in recent years.

As a part of skylight building materials, it fully reflects the design concept of photovoltaic building integrated system.

It is reported that the building photovoltaic integrated application project of Mountain News Center has a total capacity of 129.6 kW and an estimated annual power generation of 153000 kwh.

It perfectly integrates new technology and modernity.

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The project is different from the conventional distributed roof photovoltaic system in the past.

The photovoltaic module is set on the roof skylight.

It is reported that in the next step, the Beijing Municipal Development and Reform Commission will also accelerate the research and promotion of building photovoltaic integration technology on this basis and apply it in a wider range of fields.

Combined with the inclination design of the skylight itself, it realizes the dual functions of building daylighting and photovoltaic power generation.

It has the characteristics of diverse application scenarios and high integration with buildings, and can be fully integrated with urban development”.

Ringlock Scaffolding System Ledger End

The project takes the black monocrystalline silicon double glass module as a part of the skylight building materials, which is installed in 64 square skylights above the news media hall.

The relevant photovoltaic power generation facilities adopt the operation mode of self use and residual power on the Internet, and are connected to the low-voltage distribution system of Mountain News Center with one circuit of 0.4kV voltage level.

It is not only beautiful, but also provides a reference for reducing carbon emissions in the construction field.


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