The relationship spectrum of architectural masters! Netizen: it’s so complicated that no wonder Zaha is excluded

First, Zaha, after working as an intern in OMA for two years, set up another portal and Kuhasi also supported her dream and chose to let go.

Not only that, he also talks about “another 20 years of design”.

The Japanese are famous for their liver! (liver emperor Japanese) for example, Tadao Ando still insists on his post after cancer recurrence for many times.

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In an interview with Japanese television in 2021, Tadao Ando’s studio timetable.

Kengo Kuma’s plan fell on the map.

(please allow the pill sister to play a song later US) © Zaha is not the only designer of Meteorological Observatory.

The former Chuanguo man’s disciple is: Pritzker Prize winner Dan xiajiansan.

Works of bjarkeingels © When big thinks of big, what our designers think of at the first time must be the analysis diagram! Pill sister secretly told you that bjarke Ingels is said to draw analysis charts in OMA.

Just say the names of these two factions, you should understand that one focuses on the company and the other on the country; Perhaps it also reflects the differences between eastern and Western personalities.

BFD Coupler

Gedar Aliyev Center © Zaha Hadid Architects finally, after listening to the master’s relationship spectrum and little secrets, did you know better.

Japan’s construction industry has issued a total of eight Pritzker awards, but the glory also comes at a price.

Thank you for watching.

Although they are different factions, Japanese architects are quite united to “unite with the outside world”.

The construction industry is the same.

However, in the storm at the new national arena in Tokyo, the two became enemies.

Starting from Kenzo Danxia, his student Yoshizaki Shin; Tadao Ando, who is new to yosaki, won the Pritzker award.

Especially in China, such as Wang Shu; Establish an “amateur architecture studio” (really called this) an architecture that only works with his wife deeply in landscape and nature.

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We all know the relationship between Kuhasi, Zaha and Ma Yansong; More than this relationship, there are quite a lot of high disciples coming out of Kuhasi’s hands.

The construction industry is also like Wulin.

Finally, the plan was rejected by the Japanese government and changed to Kengo Kuma’s design.

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OMA department it is said that those who have practiced in OMA have become famous architects; OMA is the Huangpu Military Academy in the construction industry.

It also ran for Toyo Ito’s pulitzk Award nomination.

Zaha Hadid designed the renderings of the main stadium.

However, the pill sister thinks that it is normal and beneficial to learn from others.

(everyone who likes secrets likes it a lot and comments for the first issue!) what do you think of the so-called factions, successors and learning leaders? Can’t you be a design master without background? The classic works of these masters need us to learn all the time ~ the pill sister has carefully sorted out the super whole! Big! Detailed! Detailed explanation of master architectural works! You only need to get it for free ~ analysis and interpretation of selected works of Architects – 944mb in total – collection of required works of Architects – PDF Text Display (I) – PDF Text Display (II) – PDF Text Display (III) – PDF Text Display (IV) – Analysis of classic works – ppt text display (I) – PDF Text Display (II) – PDF Text Display (III) -The above shows only some materials.

Bjarke Ingels, the famous founder of big, is also one of many students of OMA.

For example, the event of “Zaha Olympic venue scheme”.

After all, the famous saying that a famous teacher makes a good apprentice and a green man is better than blue is not just saying; Don’t use these to suppress and monopolize the resources and rising channels of the construction industry.

In fact, the relationship between teachers and successors in the Japanese construction industry is clear and huge.

OMA and interns © Design the OMA of Huangpu Military Academy in the construction industry of Meteorological Observatory, and the founder and President kuhaas.

I don’t think it’s a school valve.

Remember to watch it.

Zaha once said that when he was a student of Rem Koolhaas, Koolhaas focused all his attention on Zaha, so that he ignored other students.

This panda eye, I have to say, eight Pritzker cost 80 livers of Japanese architects! Pill sister tells us that this part has won more Pritzker awards.

Before, Japan had a very good relationship with Toyo Ito and Zaha.

·StarMark attention 【 visual capsule 】  ·· Capsule updates high-quality learning resources for you every day  ·· Software  |  source material  |  Postgraduate entrance examination  |  course  ·  Issue [949] how do you become an architect? Have you thought about it? In fact, the rich history of these architects is inseparable from a well-known architect and firm.

© Big also has quite a number of experts from OMA, such as the three founders of MVRDV and well-known architects of FOA, JDS and other firms.

Moreover, not everyone is.

Kobusier has three Japanese students: Maekawa Guonan, Sakura Junsan and Yoshika Longzheng; Later, they became indispensable figures in Japanese architecture.

Some people say that it is a teacher inheritance relationship; At worst, it is a school of warlords and factions.

There are some connections between famous architects; Like eastern evil and Western poison, there are factions in the construction industry; The obvious “sect” teacher inheritance relationship is divided into two obvious teams: OMA department and Japan Department.

© There will inevitably be disagreements and disputes between Toyo Ito and the factions of his works.

It is said that Wulin is not fighting and killing, but worldly wisdom.

Due to the limited space, the pill sister put the relationship map directly ~ the relationship between teachers and factions in Japanese architecture is quite clear, with a sense of inheriting the “royal family” ~ when it comes to Japanese architecture, we have to start with the man Corbusier.

So pill sister tells you that joining the “sect” may be the fastest way.

Because of the budget of the new national arena and the surrounding environment, Zaha stood on the opposite side of the Japanese department, which caused a great dispute; Japan is a collective boycott of the Zaha plan.

It is not a secret that the architectural circle pays attention to birth and group.

Pill sister, let’s see the network: Construction faction? scholar-tyrant? It seems that Japan usually has clear and close factional relations.

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OMA CCTV Headquarters Building © Analysis and interpretation of selected works of architectural masters at the end of a dog’s love for bones? The genealogy of architectural masters? The two factions mentioned by sister pill have their own characteristics.


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