Why are construction sites generally reluctant to accept migrant workers over the age of 50?

If we were to change it, we still don’t know how to face it in the future.

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After working for several years, the proportion of workers suffering from diseases can reach 98%.

Although I don’t earn much, at least it’s better than going home to farm.

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Generally, male workers shall not exceed 50 years old and female workers shall not exceed 40 years old.

Nowadays, the most realistic problem is that few young people are willing to participate in the whole construction industry.

Therefore, the age of 50 is already the most basic threshold.

Back to today’s topic, why are construction sites not willing to accept workers over the age of 50? Seeing this, we need to understand that the construction site is the place most prone to occupational diseases.

Of course, some informal construction sites will also make an exception to accept migrant workers over the age of 50, but the salary is a little lower.

Up to now, the number of elderly migrant workers over the age of 50 has reached 40 million.

For the sake of safety, they certainly dare not accept workers over the age of 50.

You know, our rural elderly need to be 60 years old to receive a pension.

They are so persistent, even if they are uncomfortable, they should stick to working on the construction site.

Here is a set of data.

In the face of strict site regulations, they have to leave their jobs at the age of 50 and face unemployment before they wait for the legal retirement age.

All diseases on the construction site may lead to accidents.

Whether it is man-made or mechanical failure, it must be the responsibility of the construction company in the end.

However, even if they have this idea, the construction site will not agree.

The sense of urgency of life makes them have to bite their teeth and insist.

Yes, please   👇👇。.

At the age of about 50, many people should provide for the elderly at home, but they are still reluctant to give up working on the construction site in order to reduce the burden on their families.

If the construction site allows “working until old”, I think they will agree without hesitation.

As the only hope of the whole family, there are wives and children to support in their hometown.

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In fact, most construction sites have clear restrictions on the age of migrant workers.


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