Listen to the teacher, the builder will grow up well ~

2 hold up a sunrise bulldozer on the scaffold and play a magnificent symphony.

Thank you for growing up with me.

Thank you for meeting and bumping along the way.

Thank you for “building” for proving every step of my growth.

On the same day in a foreign land, thank you for teaching me – courage.

Content source: welcome to China Construction Second Engineering Bureau installation company and East China company.

On this special day, super Yueyue wants to thank you most.

Thank you for teaching me – explore 5 small details, just recover one by one, keep improving, just to live up to tomorrow.

Thank you for teaching me – beyond the arc splashing welding flowers of 9 burning eyes.

Now, it’s time to hand in your homework.


September is another teacher’s day.

Thank you for teaching me to move forward bravely without fear of setbacks.

You are willing to contribute Great love is boundless, guarding every ray of dawn and glow of the motherland.

Thank you for teaching me – to overcome the difficulties.

Thank you for knowing each other and going to the distance side by side.

Plate Anchor

7 we have embraced the flying lime cement together, we look forward to the completed tall buildings, we share the bitterness and joy together, and give a new definition of “home”.

Contribute architectural strength to the 14th five year plan on the journey of high-quality development.

Despite the pungent smoke and dull temperature, you are still striving for the precision casting of King Kong.

Guess you like it ↘ Signing + winning! What are the surprises of China Construction Second Engineering Bureau in the service trade fair? I don’t know? Ma Zeping attended the medium-term work meeting of infrastructure business of China Construction Second Engineering Bureau in 2021.


Thank you for teaching me – responsibility and responsibility.

Those who drink it should cherish the origin and learn it.

You fought in all directions of the motherland, despite wind, rain, thunder and lightning Stormy waves are the only faith in my heart.

The launching meeting of “quality month” held by China Construction Second Engineering Bureau in 2021 was watched again! It turned out that China Construction Second Engineering Bureau appeared at the service trade fair.

Thank you for teaching me – warm 8, never forget the original heart, the mission extends from generation to generation, and inherit the firewood, Striving for the top of the tide, creating high-quality buildings and climbing to the top of the world.

How much do you remember? In this battle, more than 4000 people rushed to shuangshenshan with red flags and courage.

Thank you for bringing me into the CSCEC family.

Thank you for teaching me – ingenuity 6 party construction + poverty alleviation, hold up an umbrella for wealth, and only wish the happy people to stay forever.

Look at the beauty taught by “this teacher”.

Thank you for teaching me – stick to 4 when all things are interconnected and shared, the era of science and technology is supreme, and 5g + intelligent construction leads the future development     You aim at the technological frontier of “Chinese intelligent manufacturing”       Give full play to the “smart” style of architectural services.

Thank you for letting me harvest countless good memories.

They fought against each other in a retrograde way.

You light up the soul of the building with ingenuity, experience the quenching of blood and fire, and win the world’s praise.

Thank you for teaching me – struggle 3 ushers in the early dawn of the morning, sends off the sunset, and the sweat soaked in my clothes is a medal belonging to the builder.

When they succeed, they read our teacher’s high mountains and rivers.

Thousands of horses urged to defend the hometown.

Our journey is boundless.

You squat deep above the steel column.

Sometimes they only read the teacher’s kindness, the sun and the moon, Thank you for teaching me – growth is you, China Construction Second Engineering Bureau.


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