When poetry and legend are silent, only architecture is talking – Tai’an Luwei Park is selling for 151 million yuan

The customized villa designed by Hudec, Xinhua Road, has Puyi Real Estate Company, Sichuan Road has Puyi Building, and Yongjia Road has Anting Road.

Xi Jieqiao, the manager of Continental Bank and Jincheng Bank, and the financial family of Xi Family, all lived in the park.

The upper garden is located on Changshu Road, Huaihai Middle Road, with convenient transportation and relatively quiet environment; The park is located on Tai’an Road, and walking outside is Xingguo Road, Hunan Road, and Wukang Road; What other area in Shanghai is better than Hunan Road and Wukang Road? Of course, it’s not just because of these things that I like.

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The super beautiful and beautiful garden terrace covers an area of 375 square meters, the garden area of 215 square meters, and the building area of 295.3 square meters.

The whole Colombian circle, including Xinhua Road Foreign Lane and Panyu, is a concept planned by Puyi Real Estate.

So the designers of these customized villas on Xinhua Road and Urumqi Road are mainly Hudec, a Hungarian villager of Shandar.

It is the famous director and playwright Huang Zuolin who has lived in this house for a long time and recorded on the bronze plate at the entrance of the Weiyuan.

The English name of Weile Apartment is Willowcourt.

Personally, I prefer to have more parks.

It is precisely because of this powerful alliance that once the park was launched, it was sold out and leased out.

If someone wants to tidy up the park, you will find that there are stories behind each building.


It is currently sold for 151 million yuan and rented for 129000 yuan per month.

I once collected a building book of Weiyuan (sold), which clearly said that HAIG VILLAS, HAIG is Hager, and Huashan Road was once called Hager Road.

The local people of Weile used to be called Liuyuan.

Part of Lane 41 and Lane 81, Anting Road, Urumqi South Road (Hengshan Road to Jianguo West Road), a foreign alley in the Columbia Circle, are developed by Puyi Real Estate.

Climbing Cone

After the liberation, Premier Zhou arranged for He Zizhen to live on the 10th of Weiyuan.

Zhuang Jun’s architectural works are mostly bank buildings.

Interested customers can add my WeChat, make an appointment to see the house, and add please note to know the channel and purpose.

Later, the residents were transliterated into Weile.

Also because of the precious building books, what we see is that Weiyuan is developed by Puyi Real Estate.

Shanghai Jincheng Bank, Central South Bank and the mainland shopping mall are all designed by Zhuang Jun, which means that the main buildings of the four northern banks are designed by Zhuang Jun, just like the royal designer of the four northern banks, So it is not surprising that Weiyuan is designed by Zhuang Architecture Firm.

Some of them are garden houses designed by Hudec and developed by Puyi Real Estate on Urumqi South Road.

This sanitary park can be said to be the best house except No.

The park is invested by the mainland bank, which is one of the four northern banks.

“When poetry and legends are silent, only architecture is talking.” Today’s introduction of a set of Weiyuan is a beautiful old house full of historical stories.

Chen Yongren’s old house is the beautiful western-style house at Changde Road, 1510 Beijing West Road.

The owner of Puyi Real Estate is Levin Frank and the executive manager is Shandar, a Hungarian.

In recent years, Shanghai has sold dozens of old foreign houses worth more than 100 million yuan.

Mao Gongding was later bought by the traitor Chen Yongren to protect his life.

The attraction of the old building is not only the building itself, but also the thick historical story behind the building.

Although there are several apartments for rent and sale in the upper garden and the park every year, the stories above are obviously less, and the park has new content and stories every time it goes deeper.

Not only that, but also the western houses on Urumqi South Road and Anting Road, which are similar to the architectural style of Xinhua Villa, are excellent works of Puyi Real Estate.

Knowing these backgrounds, we can understand why the designer is Zhuang Jun’s architectural firm.

Because most of the residents were overseas Chinese, the name was translated into Willowgarden.

Many people may not understand Puyi Real Estate, but as long as you mention the large-scale work of Puyi Real Estate, you will understand.

In the Weiyuan Park I wrote before, I also mentioned the story that Ye Gongchao transferred it from Yiyuan on Jianguo West Road to Weiyuan Park in order to protect Mao Gongding.

Speaking of the most famous and beautiful garden villa community in Shanghai, there is always no way around the garden and the park above.

Each point of the park has a lot of content.

Puyi Real Estate has the capital, contacts and first-rate real estate planning report that is still not outdated.


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