The advent of the era of metauniverse: architecture and interior designers have no reason to complain about the lack of development

Now, you finally have the opportunity to face a vast blue ocean.

Riley, which is a dreamlike space, reflecting the artist’s exploration of meditation and ancient spirituality.

Two NFTs rendered by artist Ariel Palanzone were auctioned to support free education programs for children in poor communities.

In such a huge world, it will always be easier to find more souls who sympathize with you.

If the design style is relatively small, you may find it difficult to find customers who appreciate your talent in your region.

The second is Factory001, a virtual machine launched during the design in Miami, which can generate unique digital objects indefinitely.

Therefore, as an architect, it is not so important to make money in the past.

Starting from the insanity of furniture, this is the first design NFT series sold through a large auction house.

3: The architecture and construction industry with regional characteristics and design style has always been a highly regional industry.

As an online editor, various worries and complaints about the current situation often linger in his ears.

Therefore, most “buildings on paper” are worthless because they are not recognized by Party A.

But if you are targeting the metauniverse and virtual space, you can provide digital products and services worldwide.

When there are problems in the project, designers will be prosecuted and prosecuted in many cases.

(Group photo) At the Miami Design Exhibition last year, Alex Proba, the founder and creative director of StudioProba, launched the public installation “Land of Tomorrow” designed in cooperation with the creative technology studio “Enjoy the Weather” for the first time, turning the design area of Miami into a physical and virtual playground.

Today, the real economy has undergone a major transformation to the digital economy, and since the epidemic, the integration of the two has accelerated rapidly.

2: It is difficult to find a good party who supports your design ideas and pays the bill on time.

Krista Kim, a Toronto artist, sold the first NFT-supported digital home at a price of more than 288 ETH (about US $500000).

The accompanying application allows anyone to conduct digital design and exploration through augmented reality.

Brooklyn designer Misha Kahn asked: “What if we consider all the ways in which objects in the metauniverse may really be different? Last year, designers created several animated NFTs to try to answer this question.

Flat Steel Anchor

Architects can also design virtual cities, buildings, furniture, sculptures, fashion, texture, skin and other digital assets, and sell them to virtual worlds, games and movies for many times.

Think like a content creator and product manager, say goodbye to the repetitive work in the traditional construction industry, strive to achieve exponential growth, build personal brands, make scarce content with distinctive styles, find their own way in the digital jungle, promote their own products and services on different platforms, attract potential user groups with high-quality content, and establish contact and interaction with them, And constantly expand your user base.

For architects, the metauniverse is a virgin land full of possibilities and a utopia without the constraints of the physical world.

(Group photo) In 2019, Anthony Authi of Zyva Studio created the concept of cross-design, which is a hybrid architecture characterized by the complex aesthetics of myth and superhuman creatures.

Now comes the opportunity to be an architect.

As an architectural designer, MetaUniverse needs virtual amusement parks, virtual cinemas, virtual concerts, virtual casinos, virtual schools, virtual art galleries, and other experiences that cannot be realized in the real world.

We need to change roles.

One example is the “refuge” room of the artist Cheryl R.

In many cities in North America, this is more expensive than a real house.

Therefore, most concepts are left on paper forever, and they may be shot for various reasons.

As the constructor of the real world, you can take the lead and participate in the process of building the metauniverse – using the design skills in the real world and extending it to the virtual world, which is likely to be a very interesting and promising industry segment.

Therefore, architectural designers should change their thinking in the era of the metauniverse.

(Picture) In January 2021, the Black Artists+Designers Association (BADG) created the obsidian virtual concept house.

The editor summarized the following and gave targeted suggestions: creative workers who have mastered design technology in the real world should learn more about the operation rules of the metauniverse world, and enter the metauniverse as soon as possible.

The house was designed by Leyden Lewis and Nina Cooke John, providing a safe space for BADG creative staff to share their personal family history and personal design methods.

1: “Standing at the wind of the times, we failed to seize the opportunity of the Internet”.

MetaUniverse needs massive content to attract users.

The architects were confused and did not know where the future lay.

Maybe we should change from a Party B to a content producer and art creator.

And it is not far from us.

Changing lanes and overtaking may make you look forward to the future of design.

If you don’t seize the opportunity of this millennium, you may not even be a qualified architect as time goes by.

Even if your design is lucky to land, construction is also an expensive, time-consuming and uncertain process.

Besides, don’t forget the lifelong responsibility system of architects.

Architects can create unique designs supported by NFT for those who like to collect unique assets.


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