Australian women have not been homeless for two years. The builders complain that no one works now

The labor shortage in the construction industry has also begun to have a serious mobility effect for Australians who are building or renovating houses.

Although the house is still far away from completion, the loan has to be repaid all the time.

But after more than two years, her new home is still an unfinished construction site.

Because there is no clear answer to when the new home will be completed, Colleen, who usually works in the mine, can only resort to the garage of his friend’s house when he returns to Perth.

In the past two years, the construction industry in Australia has had a hard time due to labor shortage.

According to the Arcadis construction cost index report for 2022 released in August last year, there are more than 100000 vacant positions in the Australian construction industry in just one year.

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Wawn said: I just talked with a medium-sized building a few days ago.

Colleen’s situation is by no means unique in Australia, where there is a serious shortage of skilled labor.

However, the completion rate of apprenticeship training hovers around 55%, which means that at least 350000 people need to join the apprenticeship training team in Australia.

There are many reasons for this situation, from low wages, unstable work to unrealistic work expectations and so on Denita Wawn, CEO of MasterBuilders Australia, said that even before the outbreak, Australia had not enough technical talents to meet the needs of population growth in the next 10 years.

Collen said: Now the interest rate of her construction loan has soared to 6%.

And her construction contract has been extended for many times The recent situation is that the shortage of qualified bricklayers and carpenters is the most serious.

Source: ABC.

First, there was a shortage of raw materials and a sharp rise in prices, and now there is an almost unsolvable problem: no one For more than two years, Colleen, a Perth woman, has been struggling to build her own house.

Dianne Dayhew, chief executive officer of the Australian Apprentice Employment Network, said that over the years, the completion rate of apprenticeship training in Australia was only 50%, which is a problem leading to the loss of labor in the construction industry.

Although the government has increased its investment in the apprenticeship training industry, and the number of apprentices has finally begun to see growth, these are still not enough to meet the short-term and long-term needs.

Although the shortage of construction materials has begun to improve, the shortage of workers is difficult to solve.

Due to the closure of the border, the epidemic has exacerbated the situation.

At first, due to the shortage of bricklayers, the construction work was postponed for 7 months.

She has land, loans and construction contracts, but finding a worker who can do this job is quite another matter.

During the epidemic, the shortage of skilled labor in Australia was well known, while in the construction industry, the shortage of workers was not only due to the epidemic.

She now needs to pay more than 1700 Australian dollars a month, and she also has to pay the rent.

Because there are not enough staff, they are no longer taking on new jobs.

Now, due to the lack of carpentry, the construction work of her family was put on hold indefinitely again.

Colleen bought the previous house in December 2020 and plans to build a new house.

This number is 50% higher than the number of workers who are qualified for these positions.

He said that they were recruiting 30 carpenters, just to complete the existing backlog of work.

According to the estimate of the Australian Institute of Architects, in the next 4.5 years, Australia will need about 477000 workers, including 200000 skilled workers, to meet the needs and development of the construction industry.


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