Architectural Engineer comments on Xiaopeng P5, the unique space in the car | Su Yunong’s long lens

How can we do without paying attention to aesthetics? Everyone’s aesthetic is different.

It is very interesting.

The reaction speed and recognition accuracy are very high.

You don’t have to touch it when driving.

As for other intelligent experiences, such as “mobile phone is the key”, I almost forget what Xiaopeng P5’s key looks like, because I don’t need to bring the car key at all.

As a last resort, I transferred the scope of car selection to the new power brand, and happened to want to feel the electric car myself.

Of course, listening to music is the most basic use scenario.

Science and technology: intelligence makes travel better.

At first, I sat directly in the comfortable and spacious rear row.

Sometimes, Party A’s customers have urgent needs and need to work on the car temporarily.

In order to create such a space, I found that Xiaopeng P5 has done a lot.

I think I, a straight man of science and technology, understand aesthetics.

I don’t agree with that.

They wore plaid shirts with black schoolbags all year round, which was not aesthetic.

The vehicle map can display the location of UAV in real time and browse the pictures taken by UAV at any time.

When Xiaopeng P5 first appeared in the field of vision, I recognized it at the first sight – it was it.

You can control the flight of UAV through voice or large screen.

As an engineering man, he has been interested in machinery and science and technology since childhood.

There is no need to take out my mobile phone in the whole process, which is very convenient and fast.

Appearance value: the first time I saw it, it was said that science and engineering men didn’t care about their appearance.

When I first saw the concept of “changeable intelligent space” in Xiaopeng P5, I was attracted by this concept.

It’s safer.

Space: changeable space releases infinite possibilities.

Xiaopeng P5 high configuration model is the first in mass production in the world to be equipped with lidar, and the lidar hardware has also achieved the integration with the fading surface of the front of the vehicle, and the round surface collides with geometry.

Because the performance of new power brand electric vehicles in intelligence is much stronger than traditional fuel vehicles, and the playability is also very high.

Based on this preference, I pay more attention to the new power brand when choosing a car.

When it comes to car selection, my aesthetic view first eliminates the boring design of traditional fuel vehicles, and there is basically no innovation.

Whether it is the center console or the door, it has rich and easy-to-use practical space.

When you need to draw some design sketches for your colleagues, it is not convenient to have no table.

It judges my position through Bluetooth positioning.

Space is the eternal essence of architecture.

Its “full scene voice” supports continuous dialogue, which can be seen and said.

It is a sharp weapon to show off cool and handsome to friends.

As long as you can see it on the screen, you can control it by saying it.

The most brain hole is that it can be transformed into a mobile cinema.

Some people who like to try new things will choose electric vehicles of new power brands.

There are a thousand Hamlet in a thousand people’s hearts, which is also the truth.

The 15.6-inch floating touch screen can be transformed into the display of Dajiang UAV.

From the Perspective of architectural engineers, this has very high requirements for design and manufacturing technology.

After reading this function, I wanted to immediately place an order for a Dajiang mavic2 to play ~ when I go out to play, I’m not afraid even if the UAV runs out of power.

How does a new powerful brand sedan like Xiaopeng P5 make users give up the traditional fuel car and choose it? To this end, we invited Wang Gong, a post-90s construction engineer, to listen to his story with Xiaopeng P5.

The sound and light are linked, and can be customized.

When I approach the car, it will automatically unlock and start the car.

It’s very comfortable to deal with some things temporarily.

Everyone is destined to have different choices because of their different needs and preferences.

After further understanding the designer’s understanding of “internal space”, I strengthened my choice.

Spend 200000 budget to buy a family car.

Another interesting thing is that there is an application called “UAV” in Xiaopeng P5’s app store.

I prepared a small table and put the table directly on the mattress, so that I could write and draw on the table temporarily.

Sometimes, you have to admit that there is really “love at first sight” in this world.

When driving, I suddenly think of a favorite music, directly “Hello little p”, and then say the name of the song.

At present, the most frequently used intelligent function is the voice control of Xiaopeng P5, which is basically “those who can speak will never do it”.

In addition, I would like to share a detail with you.

Because the Xiaopeng P5 has a function called “v2l”, install a reverse charger at the charging port and turn into a 220V socket, which can charge UAVs, laptops and other equipment, and there is no charging anxiety anymore.

Get space, get architecture.

This is so cool! I originally planted grass and wanted to buy a UAV.

I think these are experiences that other cars will never give you? In addition to these absolute “big spaces”, Xiaopeng P5 is equally considerate in terms of detailed storage “small space”.

For a car, the shape design can be regarded as the “external space”, while the “internal space” after opening the door is more important, because it is related to whether people who drive and ride every day can enjoy a pleasant travel experience.

Some people will choose classic fuel vehicles such as accord maiteng.

You don’t even have to lift the window, “open 20% of the window”, and then you will find that the window will soon come down with a seam for ventilation.

As an architectural engineer, sometimes we have to check the design.

The intelligent interactive light language also gives the car life.

After sitting, I straightened my legs to the front backrest, and then put my laptop on my lap.

He has all kinds of the latest digital products at home.

For example, its series of advanced intelligent driving assistance systems not only make it easier for me to run at high speed, but also make me more comfortable to drive in congested scenes in the city..

Cast in Sockets

So I thought of another move.

After leaving the car, it will automatically lock.


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