In 2022, those deep and good articles that are most likely to be missed by the construction circle

We continue to pay attention to the operation and growth of construction companies, provide you with the latest trends in the domestic and foreign industries, and provide some reference and thinking for your career development and work.

are also increasingly attracting public attention and intense discussion.

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Click the following figure to jump to read Haowen 03/The Way of Operation of Construction Companies 2022 is a year full of magic, and the construction industry is more ups and downs.

However, AchiDogs Jiandao Zhuge still insists on outputting original professional content at high frequency.

In 2022, full of fantasy and uncertainty, ”Insisting on originality “and” deepening breakthrough “are our key words of the year.

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In 2022, we released more than 160 original articles, with a total reading of 56w+.

The media in the design field have transformed, some are keen on “carrying”, and some tend to carry goods with traffic.

On the basis of current events, we dig deep into the field of architecture, explore the in-depth content of the minority, and also break through the field of architecture, expand the topic of social cities, and plan a number of theme series articles, hoping to bring continuous thinking and output 01/What is the “youth” often said by Tadao Ando, “Ten Masters and Ten Faces”? What is the anecdote of Steven Hole’s first project in China? In “Ten Masters and Ten Faces”, we explore the other side of the master and present you with a more three-dimensional image of the architect.

We will interpret the latest and hottest domestic and foreign projects for you, including the latest conceptual design, the interpretation of completed projects, the comparison and integration of similar projects, and the discussion of controversial issues in the process of the project, to help you with your design.

Who said that looking at architecture platforms can only be used to learn dry goods? We share those strange and interesting buildings and anecdotes for you, because we believe that only by being interested in architecture can we maintain our love for design.

We focus on the theme of “how to become a master” and launch the theme series of “master marketing” to see how the world’s architects promote their works and comb their brands? Click the following figure to jump to read Haowen 03/”Building Revitalize the City” What is architecture to the city? Especially since the popularity of the Internet red economy, what contribution can architecture bring to urban development? “Building Revitalization City” series focuses on the case interpretation of building revitalization areas/cities and explores the significance of architecture.

Di é b é doFrancis K é r é | This young architect from Africa, a small town, planted a “palm tree” on the land where he raised himself.

Steven Hole | Witness the 911 incident, win the bid with graffiti, and don’t let employees work on vacation? Master Steven Holl’s story Tadao Ando | Forget the traffic, Ando’s “youth” is a kind of mood Norman Foster | Shelley McNamara&Yvonne Farrell, a fashion trendsetter who is born in the slum, can fight cancer, can fly, and is over 80 years old | General Prize winner Grafton Architects: No drama life, but a thing that has been done all his life Bjarke Ingels | Founder of Musk&BIG in the construction industry: From fantasy to reality, use architecture to define the future! Elizabeth Diller | Founder of DS+R, from the “courage” of the artist to the “courage” of the architect Thomas Heatherwick | I have numerous shortcomings, and only design is the only thing I am good at, David Adjaye | A general prize candidate from Africa, an architectural diplomat with “heart of roses”, Zhang Yonghe | Reject the meaning, the signifier of architecture refers to 02/How did the master of “master marketing” become a master? In addition to architectural talent, “personnel” is also indispensable.

We provide comprehensive data and information, It will provide you with an open discussion platform to sort out the context of various events, share the views of domestic and foreign netizens, different professions and different perspectives.

Insisting on originality: maintain the sensitivity to the industry and society, and persist in outputting high-quality original articles.

Next, please review with us the best annual original articles in 2022# The articles in the forum maintain the sensitivity to the industry and society, excavate the latest current news and projects in the construction circle, share with you the in-depth and thoughtful views, and output high-quality original articles 01/See the hot points.

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The following is sorted by the time of the article.

Deepening breakthrough: deepen the construction field, excavate the in-depth content of the minority, and also break through the construction field, expand the social and urban topics.

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On the basis of previous articles, this year we added a series of theme articles, such as” Ten Masters and Ten Faces ” “The way of master marketing” and so on, hoping to explore more in-depth content.

The links between architecture and society are getting closer and closer: social security, ecological protection, biodiversity, national culture…

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2023-1nd day of New Year New Year New Year New Year New Year New Year New Year New Year New Year New Year New Year New Year New Year ⬇ In the past year, have you often followed the tweets of design official account? With the change of user habits and methods and the emergence of new forms of communication such as video accounts, the era of brutal gold digging on WeChat official account has ended.


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