What is the process of building intelligent qualification in Guiyang

What is a step in the process of intelligent building qualification? What is the construction intelligent qualification handling process? 1、 According to the building intelligence qualification standard, relevant construction companies shall be registered, and there shall be intelligent building content within the business scope.

5、 The municipal construction management department shall review the materials submitted by the construction unit.

After the district and county construction departments have successfully passed the review, they shall be submitted to the municipal construction management department for review.

If it fails, the audit failure opinion will be attached, and the enterprise will correct and re apply according to the opinion.

Second, according to the qualification application standards, supplement and improve the personnel requirements, and sort out the identity certificates, professional title certificates, personnel social security materials and other personnel information documents of relevant personnel of the construction company.

3、 The construction company submitted the application form for building intelligence qualification to the local and county construction departments.

Pintuo qualification Tel.: 13688317880 what is the process of handling intelligent construction qualification? If construction enterprises want to undertake intelligent building projects, they need to apply for relevant qualifications, which does not mean that it is OK to run a company with intelligent qualifications.

For the construction industry, if you want to bid, you must have the corresponding qualification.

If there is no objection within the time limit, the construction company will go to the relevant departments to obtain the qualification and apply for the approval certificate…

Be responsible for sorting out the company’s business license, articles of association and other relevant qualification documents.

If the audit is successful, it will be submitted to the Provincial Construction Bureau.

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6、 The County Construction Bureau will publish the announcement online.


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