[voting] Yuandao construction project competes for the 6th BIM application competition of Chongqing survey and Design Association

  Start time: 2021-09-2608:00:00   Deadline: 2021-09-3016:17:29   Voting rules:   Each wechat can cast 5 votes every day and 1 vote for the same contestant every day [Yuandao construction project: Chongqing LUOQI waste incineration power plant] Chongqing LUOQI waste incineration power plant project is located in Taihong field, LUOQI Town, Yubei District, Chongqing, and adopts BOT (construction operation handover) Investment and construction mode: the project covers an area of 270 mu, with a total construction area of more than 90000 square meters and a construction capital of about 3 billion yuan.

Due to the long construction cycle, complex process flow, huge equipment pipeline system, high installation requirements and great difficulty in implementation, the whole process in-depth application implementation and construction guidance based on BIM Technology are carried out to ensure the smooth operation and high-quality construction requirements of the project.

Through the project, it summarizes a set of guiding experience of BIM Technology for the whole process implementation of industrial buildings, especially EPC general contracting projects.

By opening up the non-destructive data transmission channel, giving full play to the technical advantages of each platform, it is integrated into a perfect BIM system, which is used as the carrier for in-depth applications such as collaborative design, simulation analysis and visual simulation.

By establishing a full three-dimensional communication mechanism, two-dimensional drawings are derived based on the BIM deepening model to guide the on-site implementation, It avoids mistakes, omissions, defects and rework to the greatest extent, greatly improves the overall quality of the project, and provides great help in controlling cost and construction period.

107), and Implementation opinions of Chongqing Housing and Urban Rural Development Commission on promoting intelligent construction (yjk [2020] No.

Promote the development of BIM Technology, implement the opinions on accelerating the application of building information model (BIM) technology (YJF [2016] No.

The project adopts the collaborative working mode of multiple software platforms.

34) , improve the application capacity of BIM Technology in the whole life cycle of engineering construction projects, promote the technological innovation and talent team construction of the construction industry in our city, and in order to speed up the city’s digital construction process and promote the comprehensive application of digital technology in the field of engineering construction, after research, Chongqing survey and Design Association (hereinafter referred to as “Chongqing survey and Design Association”) decided to hold the sixth building information model (BIM) Application competition “.

28), the notice of the general office of Chongqing Municipal People’s Government on printing and distributing the policies and measures of Chongqing to promote the modernization of construction industry and promote the high-quality development of construction industry (yfbf [2020] No.

At the same time, it provides guidance for the application of smart power plant management system and digital twin technology The application of data Internet of things technology and the digital upgrading of waste incineration power plants have laid a data foundation; they have actively practiced and explored the intelligent construction of industrial buildings, building smart factories and implementing the green innovation and development of industrial buildings.

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