Is the city hot because the facade of the building is too ugly? Netizen: no money is no reason to be ugly!

Energy saving decorative integrated board material energy saving decorative integrated board mainly includes metal thermal insulation integrated board (aluminum plate, aluminum zinc plated steel plate), calcium silicate board, thermal insulation integrated board, etc.

If you think about it, now people who buy houses are basically post-80s and post-90s, and rarely pursue this luxury style.

Is there such an ugly building? Click in and have a look.

At the end of the paper, a collection of research data on residential facade standardization is attached? This is actually related to the cost.

Since the structure is not good, what about the facade? For example, in terms of materials Let’s take a look at the current quotation of materials: it seems that it is really profitable to “paint”, so it’s up to you – paint exterior wall.

▲ a residential building in Shanghai collapsed during construction.

Starting from the design, optimization is not to say how powerful the design is, but to focus on the most sensitive places of customers.

Compared with traditional coatings, stone like coatings and other products, stone like coatings have more texture and longer service life.

▲ what innovations can Beijing Shimao Tianyu make in design· The design of fillet curve can refer to the shape of Apple mobile phone· Adopt streamlined architectural form· It adopts frameless design, which is a little simpler.

Is the cost high? Did you use paint? Take a good look at how people save costs, mainly from three aspects: de stylization first is to turn complexity into simplicity.

It turns out that a piece of earthy yellow facade directly hurts my eyes.

Via: pinterest recently, I saw a piece of news that said “how does Kunming high-rise housing end the era of” judging ugliness “.

(within the scope allowed by the specification) in addition, there are entrances, doors and windows, which are places to show identity, and the effect needs to be guaranteed.

To tilt the cost, the place that should be in place must be in place, and the requirements of other places can be appropriately reduced.

It also has the properties of heat preservation, heat insulation, self-cleaning, corrosion resistance and so on.

How did this “special” rule come from? Let’s have a look.

Collection of research data on residential facade standardization # data display and acquisition methods.

I thought, it’s 2022.

▲ houses are built in the same color of earth yellow and earth red.

For some stones with large color difference, some texture elements can be added to develop their strengths and avoid their weaknesses· Multiple material combinations can be used: aluminum plate + glass material.

But even if the restrictions are relaxed, the housing has not been well improved in the past two years.

Ordinary price materials still work· The color difference of cheap stones can be treated by “changing surface into line”.

▲ Zhonghai Beijing Xinhao finally sends you this collection of research materials on residential facade standardization, which includes the facade design routines of several top real estate companies for you to study slowly.

Low cost facade can only use paint? Of course not! What age do you want to muddle through with this reason? Look at the green city and Shimao.

▲ rongchuang hangjingyuan © The selection of GAD architectural design materials and beautiful facades do not have to be piled up with money.

It can even use a large number of glass windows, and the window frame is getting thinner and thinner· Cool and cool color matching is adopted, mainly in the same color system or light and elegant color system, emphasizing the sense of advanced.

In the face of such a small profit project, of course, the first thing they have to do is to save money.

Halfen Channel

At present, many luxury houses use large-area aluminum alloy + glass to replace the original dry hanging stone.

Therefore, such a large area of khaki buildings appeared.

Don’t always think about artdeco and neoclassical to reflect the sense of dignity.

If the residents’ living buildings collapse, they can’t bear the responsibility.

The simpler the element, the better.

▲ why does this “earth building” suddenly appear in residential buildings echoing the color of the city? Originally, in 2014, Kunming Municipal Planning Bureau issued the notice of “guidelines for color control of Kunming Urban Buildings (Trial)”, requiring the main color of the new residential facade to use light yellow, so there is such a spectacular “earth building”.

Similar projects with large initial investment and less profit space will almost kill Party A.

It is added here that in 2019, Kunming will cancel the control of building facade color and no longer advocate using dark gray or earthy yellow as the main color of the building.

In recent years, most of the new sites in Kunming urban area are urban reform projects.

So how and where? First of all, the structure must not be saved.

The effect of ceramic plate + aluminum plate material ceramic plate is actually good.

For example, they pay more attention to the facade, doors and windows, balcony, railing, project base, roof, etc.


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