Valley of Knowledge I MVRDV Architectural Conceptual Design of Wuhan Library New Library

The three huge viewing windows refer to the height of the surrounding buildings in form, and face the best landscape from three angles of the city.

The inspiration of architectural design is inspired by the terrain of Wuhan: the horizontal perspective of the building faces the lake, and the vertical perspective faces the city with tall buildings, reflecting the dialogue between nature and the city, which is also the focus of architectural design 。 Because of this, this library will be an exciting gathering place.

The part with strong sunlight is set with more dense shutter; In addition, the base of the building is a cantilever structure, which also plays the role of shading.

The native vegetation can maintain its vitality almost without maintenance, and can also filter water in the rainy season and reduce the heat island effect in the hot summer.

MVRDV designed Tianjin Binhai Library in 2017 as part of the overall planning of the city’s cultural district.

Picture Image © The new Wuhan Library of MVRDV is not the first library designed by MVRDV in China.

After completion, the new hall will further improve the construction of Wuhan’s public information service system, meet the functional needs of reading, learning, communication, innovation, and help Wuhan’s social and economic development.

The bookshelf itself also becomes a part of the “canyon landscape”.

This 33700 square meter cultural center is equipped with a luminous spherical auditorium and floor-type stacked bookshelves.

Openable doors and windows maintain indoor natural ventilation, and combine with intelligent equipment and efficient lighting system to further reduce the energy demand of the building, while solar panels integrated with the shape of mobile roof can also provide renewable energy for the building.

The unique three-sided streamlined design highlights the unique position of the city of lakes at the intersection of the two rivers, and will become a new landmark of Wuhan.

The higher you go, the quieter the learning and reading space will be, and meet the needs of readers.

In the future, it will integrate library documents, information services, scientific and technological innovation and research resources.

” Picture Image © From the perspective of the city, the magnificent “canyon” inside the building will attract tourists to stop.

Picture Image © In the design of MVRDVMVRDV, the hot climate of Wuhan was taken into consideration, and a number of measures were taken to reduce building energy consumption.

The green plants planted in the surrounding parks complement the local climate conditions in Wuhan and are landscape elements that can be maintained for a long time.

Picture Image © MVRDVMVRDV and Zhejiang University Architectural Design and Research Institute Co., Ltd.

Wire Lifting Loop

This library with a total floor area of about 140000 square meters will become one of the largest libraries in China.

The three large viewing windows visually connect the building with the surrounding environment.

Just like Wuhan Library, Tianjin Binhai Library is not only an education center, but also a social space, connecting the park with the urban cultural area.

The design of the “canyon” separates the space into different areas and experiences, such as the quiet reading area and the shared work area.

Through the windows, the dynamic inside the library can be seen at a glance, thus stimulating people’s curiosity and exploration.

Tall trees provide shade for areas with strong sunlight, and the main public area is also located in the shade of the northwest corner of the building.

Picture Image © The design concept of MVRDVMVRDV draws inspiration from the geographical environment of Wuhan, and demonstrates the sculptural power of the invisible water of the river from the aspects of architecture, interior, space quality and materials.

The space similar to the exhibition hall on the terrace accommodates the different functions set by the library.

Each viewing window echoes an independent landscape: the highest viewing window overlooks the skyline of the CBD, and the lower and wide viewing window has a panoramic view of the beautiful scenery of the opposite park; The long and curved viewing window brings the adjacent square into view, allowing people passing by to see the vitality of the museum through it.

Picture Image © MVRDV “When you enter the new Wuhan Library, you will see different landscape elements coming together,” said Jacob van Rijs, founding partner of MVRDV, “There are a series of continuous’ platforms’ in the museum as learning places, and the largest platform will be the most popular place.

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won the bid for the conceptual design competition of the new building of Wuhan Library.

Picture Image © MVRDV Image © The spatial concept inside the MVRDV library further strengthens the important position of Wuhan in the intersection of the two rivers and the urban landscape.

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Picture Image © MVRDV Image © MVRDV Wuhan Library New Library Project is located in the core area of Wuhan Wangjiadun CBD, at the intersection of Changqing Road and Yuncai Road, close to the elevated Baofeng Road, with a striking location.

The MVRDV program integrates traditional and non-traditional functions and provides diverse learning, humanistic interaction, reading and studio space.

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The exterior facade of the building is installed with bookcase-like shutter panels, which not only provides indoor shading, but also reflects the functions of the library.

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Among them, the “reading valley” is one of the core spaces in the library and the intersection of all the knowledge and content contained therein.

Inside, there is a canyon-like terraced bookcase terrace and a wide public space on the ground floor, which is open to tourists all day.


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