[Focus on the two sessions] High school construction committee members: strengthen the safety management of the facade of high-rise

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Senior High School Construction also believed that “the most important thing is to establish and improve the joint work coordination mechanism and strengthen the joint supervision force.” He suggested that the local people’s government should take the lead in establishing and improving the joint work mechanism of emergency response, housing construction, natural resources, urban management and other departments, strengthen the work coordination, pool the forces of all parties, establish a perfect supervision mechanism, increase the supervision and law enforcement efforts, achieve timely detection and treatment, and protect the safety above the head, Realize safety closed-loop management through department linkage.

Editor’s note: The first session of the 13th CPPCC Provincial Committee opened in Kunming on the morning of January 10, and the first session of the 14th Provincial People’s Congress opened in Kunming on the morning of January 11.

High school construction believes that with the increasing age of high-rise buildings, building safety accidents such as external wall falling off and high fall injury frequently occur, especially for high-rise buildings that have been put into use for more than 20 years, the safety problem of external facade is more prominent.

“The safety of the facades of high-rise buildings is related to the safety of people’s lives and property, and it is of great significance to do a good job in the safety management of the facades,” said Gao Jian, member of the CPPCC Provincial Committee and director of the Provincial Department of Natural Resources, in the Proposal on Strengthening the Safety Management of the Facades of High-rise Buildings.

Implement the rectification responsible person, rectification period, rectification plan and measures one by one.

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In order to better show the performance of civil construction members who are deputies to the provincial people’s congress and members of the CPPCC, we have set up the column “Focus on the two sessions of the CPPCC and the voice of civil construction”, which briefly publishes the proposals, proposals and participation experiences submitted by civil construction members who are deputies to the provincial people’s congress and members of the CPPCC, for reference by organizations and members at all levels.

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First, adhere to the source control and strictly control the quality of houses; Second, strengthen the supervision force at the grass-roots level; Third, strengthen the construction of local laws and regulations; Fourth, improve the maintenance fund use system.

Straight Anchor

In addition, we should explore the establishment of a long-term management mechanism for the maintenance and management of high-rise building facades.

“To solve this problem, first of all, it is necessary to clarify the subject of responsibility and make a thorough investigation.” Senior High School Construction said, “It is necessary to take the lead of the competent department of housing and urban and rural construction and the responsibility of the local government to carry out the risk and hidden danger investigation on the facade safety of high-rise buildings built and put into use for more than 20 years within the urban planning area of the province.” On this basis, Senior High School Construction suggested that the principle of “one policy for one floor, classified implementation, and both symptoms and symptoms” be followed, Conduct rectification in accordance with the law.


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