Mianyang Recruitment | Sichuan Jinda Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. Recruitment (performance bonus, catering allowance)


A civil engineering cost engineer certificate of Grade II or above is preferred; 2.

Preferential admission of company benefits with construction related certificates: implementation of double holidays, national statutory holidays working hours: 9:00 a.m.

Once hired, they will be well paid.

Have the whole process cost experience of 1-2 housing construction projects, and audit experience is preferred; 3.


One municipal road cost officer: 8000 – 12000/month.

The company is now registered in Mianyang Economic and Technological Development Zone, with an office, engineering department, business department, legal department, finance department, quality and safety department, one room and five departments, and more than 100 employees.

Familiar with relevant national and regional cost laws and regulations; 4.

– 5:00 p.m.

The requirements are as follows: 1.

The above three conditions are indispensable.


Paid annual leave company lunch benefits Paid annual leave, food, holiday benefits, transportation subsidies, performance bonuses Catering allowance Tel: 0816-6900666 Address: Jinda Construction Engineering Co., Ltd., Wuhe Chengnan Xintiandi, Hongqiao Middle Road, Economic Development Zone, if you want to see more local high-quality recruitment positions, please quickly increase customer service, little sister WeChat, to help you find a good job faster

Experience in cost audit or consultation is preferred.

Have a strong sense of responsibility and good professional ethics, and no bad practice discipline.

Recruitment position 01: 1 weak current engineer, 14-16000/month 1: 8 years and above working experience; 2: Have the experience of leading the construction of weak current in large (Class III) hospitals; 3: You must have relevant employment certificates, and you must transfer them when you enter the post.

Responsibilities of one accountant: 4.2-5 thousand/month 1.

Familiar with the use of relevant pricing and measuring software; 5.


Familiar with housing construction, civil engineering of municipal projects and related cost and cost work; 3.

Be responsible for the company’s tax calculation, declaration and settlement; Job requirements: 1.


Be responsible for the accounting matters of the company, prepare and register vouchers in time, and ensure the consistency between accounts and certificates; 2.

Rebar Chair

I wish you all success in finding a good job! Company Profile Sichuan Jinda Construction Engineering Co., Ltd.

The self-funded part of the social insurance that will not be reimbursed after illness will be fully reimbursed by the company’s purchase of commercial insurance.

Accounting junior title certificate 2.

– 12:00 p.m.

Familiar with accounting statement processing, accounting regulations and tax laws, and familiar with the use of financial software on gold platters 3.

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A civil engineering cost engineer of 8000 to 12000 yuan/month is employed.

After working for two years, the bank provided employees with an unsecured benchmark interest rate loan of 600000 yuan.

Proficient in the use of cost measurement and pricing software, familiar with the supply market and prices of manpower, materials and machinery; 4.

Participate in the formulation of financial plans, review, analyze and supervise the implementation of budget and financial plans; 3.

Correctly calculate income, expenses and costs, and be responsible for preparing the company’s monthly and annual accounting statements; 4.

College degree or above in engineering cost related majors; 2.

was registered and established in Anzhou District, Mianyang City in November 2014, and successfully obtained the safety production license and operated in March 2016.


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