Two illegal buildings were demolished in Sanhai street, Lingshan County!

Flat Rubber Recess Former

With the roar of large machinery, a two-story illegal building fell to the ground and smoke everywhere.

Up to now, it has organized 4 centralized demolition operations, dispatched more than 350 staff, demolished 10 illegal buildings, covering an area of 2264 square meters, and created a good atmosphere in the whole street( Mo Yan) source: lingshanrong media center note: This article is valuable to share.

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Recently, under the guidance of the county urban law enforcement bureau, Sanhai street of Lingshan County organized Sanhai police station, rural construction comprehensive service center, comprehensive management office and other departments to jointly carry out “two violations” and “hurricane action”.

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This year, in combination with the activity of “I do practical things for the masses”, Sanhai street has taken the initiative to continue to do a good job in the demolition of illegal buildings, resolutely curb the increase of illegal buildings, actively clean up the demolition stock of illegal buildings, and vigorously promote the demolition of “two violations” with a “zero tolerance” attitude.

More than 60 people were dispatched on the same day to demolish two illegal buildings in Sanqin village and Shili community.


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