Taiyuan fast recruitment [top 500 in the industry] latest recruitment of Shanxi Qicheng Construction Engineering Management Co., Ltd

Working location: Taiyuan salary: 2.5k-3k/month Job Description: handling cash, checks, acceptance bills and banking business.

This post is not resident at the project site and generally works in the office building.

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Basic document writing ability, familiar with office software; Baa150-500 construction hr.

Occasionally need to travel.

Responsible for the verification and sales of foreign exchange receipts and payments of the company   Other work assigned by the leader.

Specific contents are negotiable.

Shanxi Qicheng Construction Engineering Management Co., Ltd.

   Over the years, the completion data service of each project undertaken by our company has been fully recognized by the majority of construction units, administrative departments and archives departments, and recognized and welcomed by the construction and supervision units.

2, Longsheng street, comprehensive reform demonstration zone, Taiyuan recently recruited Taiyuan express recruitment | [state-owned enterprise] Shanxi road and Bridge Construction Group Co., Ltd.

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is a technical service-oriented enterprise engaged in construction engineering technical archives consulting and construction project management, founded by a group of technicians who are familiar with engineering management and proficient in completion data preparation, archives technology and engineering design.

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All projects involved have passed the special acceptance of completion archives at one time.

   The company has summarized and implemented a set of effective service methods according to the current situation of preparation of completion data of various engineering projects, which can provide customers with high-level professional and technical services without dead corners.

Be specifically responsible for the preparation and archiving of construction project completion documents;    5.

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Job requirements: job requirements: 1.

Performance bonus holiday gift annual tourism post promotion paid annual leave employee Tourism 1 project documenter work location: Taiyuan City, Chongqing City, Jinan City, Chengdu City, Guiyang City, Lanzhou City, Hohhot City, Lishui City, Beijing City, Lhasa City, Shijiazhuang city salary: 3k-4k / month job description: this post does not include board and lodging, and works in fixed locations (office buildings) in several provincial capitals, Students can choose provinces with intention to develop according to their own situation.


Job Description: Job Responsibilities: 1.

To undertake other tasks assigned by leaders.

Be responsible for some administrative work (upload and release, conference preparation, specific implementation of daily routine work, etc.); 3.

Ability to drive (C1) is preferred; 3.

Can accept fresh graduates and interns; 3.

Review the integrity and effectiveness of the engineering technical data submitted by each bid section;    4.

Engage in relevant auxiliary work such as human resources management; 2.

   It is precisely because our company has a set of relatively perfect quality assurance system and a group of professional and technical personnel with both theoretical knowledge and practical experience that the development of various services will be more and more recognized by the majority of units.

Job requirements: love the industry and commit to long-term development in the industry.

Flexible thinking, good communication skills, generous, decent and kind to others; 4.

latest recruitment warm tips: it is illegal to charge training fees, loan training, or pay physical examination, clothing, deposit and other fees in the employment process.

Location of personnel assistant: Taiyuan salary: 2.5k-3k/month.

Major in human resources, administration and management is preferred; 2.

Directors of Shanxi Qicheng Construction Engineering Management Co., Ltd   9886475@qq.com Guoyao building, No.

Job requirements: this position requires a major in finance, college degree or above or relevant working experience.

Please be vigilant and beware of being cheated! Do not use without permission.

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Formulate project archives management measures and clarify the requirements for the formation, collection, sorting, filing, preparation and archiving of archives;    2.

Relevant bookkeeping and statements of the company.

Job requirements: 1.

Job responsibilities:    1.

The later stage of the post is mainly to develop in the direction of road and bridge engineering technology and archives management.

Be responsible for the collection, sorting, filing and distribution of technical and quality data and documents of the Department;    3.

This post recruits students majoring in engineering, archives and management; 2.


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