Three ways of construction qualification transfer in Qingdao, Shandong!

This is because after the change, the enterprise may bear debt disputes, bad business records, construction accident information, etc., which may affect the enterprise to undertake the project, or pay off the debt.

If an enterprise wants to transfer construction companies from other provinces, it can only pass the qualification separation.

Because the acquirer cannot hold all the equity of the company, it is uncertain and needs to be operated according to the situation.

In addition, the enterprise should also note that the separation of qualifications cannot inherit the engineering performance of the original enterprise, but it will not inherit debt disputes and bad records.


In the actual qualification transfer, the situation faced by enterprises will be more complex.

However, the transfer of construction companies is complicated, and the boss needs to choose the appropriate way according to the specific situation.

Pintuo qualification Tel.: 13688317880 as we all know, the construction qualification certificate is not transferable, and the boss can only obtain the qualification certificate by transferring the curve to save the country through the construction company.

Next, Chengdu Jindian will take you to understand the three ways of construction qualification transfer.

The transfer of construction company is not only easy to operate, but also the procedures are legal.

Qualification separation is also called qualification stripping.

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However, in addition to helpful assets, it is also possible to obtain negative assets.

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Therefore, before handling the overall asset transfer, it is necessary to invite professional institutions to conduct a detailed background investigation on the target enterprise.

The above are the three common methods for the transfer of construction companies.

The advantages and disadvantages need to be considered by the enterprise itself.

Different from the overall asset transfer, in order to obtain the permission to move out of the province, the enterprise needs to establish a wholly-owned subsidiary outside the province, handle the letter of entry and exit from the province, and finally separate the qualification into the subsidiary and transfer the subsidiary to the purchaser.

In the process of asset transfer, the enterprise can not only obtain the qualification certificate, but also obtain the employees and engineering performance of the original enterprise, which is very helpful to the future development of the enterprise.

These three transfer modes have their own characteristics and can be used for transfer within the province, transfer outside the province and transfer under special circumstances.

It can be seen that the handling process of qualification separation is more complex, but it also provides enterprises with more resource channels and makes it easier to find the desired construction qualification.

overall asset transfer overall asset transfer is the most commonly used way for construction companies to transfer, which is widely used in the transfer in the province.

The qualification certificate has legal effect and is deeply favored by the construction owner.


partial equity acquisition there are few application scenarios for partial equity acquisition, mainly through the acquisition of partial equity of the target construction company and becoming its shareholder to obtain the right to use the qualification.

The following three operation modes are widely used in the transfer of construction qualification: overall transfer of qualification, separation of qualification and partial equity transfer.

It is recommended to ask a professional qualification agency as a third party to assist in handling.


Its definition refers to: an enterprise with construction qualification transfers all its assets, and the transferee handles business license change, qualification change and other means after obtaining the assets, so as to finally achieve the purpose of obtaining construction qualification.

Qualification separation if the overall asset transfer is a common way for the transfer of construction companies in the province, then the qualification separation is the only way for the transfer outside the province.


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