Shanghai: tips on safe production and epidemic prevention and control at construction sites

The construction unit shall organize the project leader of the construction unit and the chief supervision engineer of the supervision unit to organize the investigation of potential safety hazards every day, establish the two list system of “potential hazard investigation” and “rectification closed loop”, strengthen the inspection of key parts, key links, dangerous and large projects and epidemic prevention and control, and highlight the inspection of foundation pit, hoisting machinery, scaffold, temporary electricity, temporary house, on-site drainage Troubleshooting of hidden dangers in key parts such as fences, fences and objects prone to falling from height.


All parties involved in the construction of the project shall deeply understand the severe situation of safety production on the construction site, strictly implement the main responsibility for safety production on the construction site, and the person in charge of the construction unit shall strengthen the shift inspection on the construction site, carry out self inspection and self correction for safety production and epidemic prevention and control, carefully find the risk points and weak links of prevention and control, and timely fill in the weaknesses.


Each engineering supervision organization shall strengthen the supervision and inspection of safety production and epidemic prevention and control, conduct irregular spot checks on key links and key parts, timely eliminate prevention and control loopholes and risk points, and urge the implementation of rectification…


If it is found that new entrants (arrivals) and returnees to Shanghai come from or pass through medium and high-risk areas, close contact and secondary close contact, temporary isolation measures shall be taken immediately, report to the territorial management department and supervision organization immediately, and follow-up shall be done to ensure the first response, disposal, reporting and closed loop in case of emergencies, After receiving the report, all supervision institutions shall immediately report to the municipal safety and quality supervision station, and cooperate with the local disease control department to urge all parties involved in the construction site to implement the prevention and control requirements.

Each construction site shall further strengthen the management of mobile personnel, especially foreign personnel such as various suppliers, material transportation and unloading personnel, facilities and equipment maintenance and after-sales service personnel, and carry out epidemic prevention and killing of all newly mobilized materials, facilities and equipment.


Foot Eye Anchor


All new arrivals (arrivals) and returnees to Shanghai shall be registered for the record, the health code, travel code and physical condition of the personnel shall be strictly verified, and the personnel’s source information, travel situation and physical condition shall be fully mastered.

3, the construction sites should actively promote vaccination, continue to enhance the vaccine, especially to strengthen the coverage of immunization, and continue to push forward the implementation of the COVID-19 vaccine to strengthen immunization work according to the principle of “fully connected” and “quick access”.

After entering the site, the migrant workers shall pay attention to the travel code information every day, do a good job of health self-observation, and minimize going out of the construction site during the health observation period, At the same time, various normalized epidemic prevention and control measures shall be taken according to the project epidemic prevention and control plan, and killing in public places shall be carried out regularly without gathering unless necessary.


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