There are new requirements for wearing masks on construction sites! The State Council’s joint prevention and control mechanism has issued

According to the principle of territorial management, the construction site in the administrative area should be strictly implemented to implement closed management and minimize the flow of personnel on the construction site.

Strengthen personnel health training.



When the mask is wet or dirty, replace it in time.

Once there are imported cases, it is very easy to cause the spread of the epidemic.


Establish a staff health monitoring system, register the health status of staff every day, and seek medical treatment in time in case of suspicious symptoms.

If the central air conditioner is used, check whether the equipment is normal before opening, whether the new air outlet and exhaust outlet keep a certain distance, and clean the cooling tower to keep the new air outlet clean; During operation, operate with the maximum fresh air volume, strengthen the sanitary management of cooling water and condensate, and regularly clean, disinfect or replace air supply outlets and other equipment and components.

In terms of key places and units, the protection requirements for 10 categories of places and units such as docks, ports, chess and card rooms (mahjong halls), cruise ships (sightseeing ships), theatres, cultural centers, stadiums, milk tea shops, education and training institutions and temporary resettlement sites have been added.


The guide puts forward 13 points: 1., do a good job in masks, hand washing fluids, disinfectants and other materials for the prevention of epidemics, formulate contingency plans, and implement the responsibilities of the units.

Food and other raw materials shall be purchased from formal channels to ensure the traceability of sources.



For those with abnormal body temperature, it is recommended to see a doctor in time, wear a mask correctly and do a good job in hand hygiene.

The staff shall receive all vaccinations, and pay attention to personal protection after vaccination.

The construction site has high mobility, dense personnel and concentrated accommodation.

Optimize the process connection, control the personnel flow of different operation teams on the construction site and reduce personnel aggregation; Optimize the construction process and do a good job of cleaning and disinfection.

Strengthen ventilation in office area, indoor public activity area and staff dormitory area.

when novel coronavirus pneumonia is confirmed, suspected and asymptomatic, new local infection control system will be used for disinfection of the premises, and the cleaning and disinfection of the air conditioning and ventilation system.


The public toilet shall be equipped with sufficient hand sanitizer to ensure the normal operation of water supply facilities such as faucet; If possible, quick drying hand disinfectant or inductive hand disinfection equipment can be equipped at the elevator entrance, front desk, etc.

novel coronavirus pneumonia prevention and control knowledge publicity through poster, electronic screen and publicity column.

Strengthen the cleaning and disinfection of elevator buttons, door handles and other high-frequency contact parts.

The staff at the operation post shall wear disposable medical masks, medical surgical masks or masks with protection grade above.

Further strengthen the implementation of epidemic prevention measures in key places, key units and key populations, guide relevant industries, especially front-line professionals, to strictly implement the protection requirements such as wearing masks, vaccination and disinfection, and ensure that all prevention and control measures are in place.



Fully implement the management of real name system for construction workers, implement daily temperature detection and registration for personnel entering the site, and implement the “one person, one file” system.

A guide for novel coronavirus pneumonia prevention and control in key places, key population and new crowns, has been formed (August 2021 Edition).


The revised guidelines have increased from 65 categories to 85 categories.

The provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the central government and the Xinjiang production and construction corps should respond to the joint prevention and control mechanism of New Coronavirus pneumonia (leading group and command department): in view of the current epidemic prevention and control situation and the popular characteristics of the population, we should further improve the protection of key places, key units and key groups, and we will update and supplement them on the basis of previous protection guidelines.

It is strictly required that construction site personnel must wear masks in public places.

Check the temperature of the staff at the entrance of the unit, check the temperature of the visitors, check the health code and register, and the normal can enter.

In terms of key groups, the health protection requirements of 10 key groups such as airport cleaners, overseas and domestic flight cleaners, airport drivers, airport public security auxiliary police, airport loading and unloading workers, front-line market supervisors, professional rescue workers, volunteers, community workers and tour guides have been strengthened, In particular, stricter epidemic prevention measures are put forward for relevant personnel of overseas flights and airports.


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At the same time, according to the current epidemic situation, For the key places and units involved, we further emphasized the implementation of the main responsibility, adhered to the “people, materials and environment prevention” and “closed-loop management”, and strengthened the requirements for measures such as health monitoring, vaccination, nucleic acid detection, cleaning and disinfection and emergency disposal.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia prevention and control work was also announced in August 5th when the Ministry of housing and housing issued the notice on Comprehensively Strengthening the new crown pneumonia epidemic prevention and control work at the construction site of the housing and municipal engineering project.

Those who do not wear them as required shall not enter canteens, meeting rooms, offices and other public places, and shall not participate in collective activities.


It is hereby printed and distributed to you for reference.

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Novel coronavirus pneumonia prevention and control guidelines for key population groups in key places, August 2021, were issued by the comprehensive defense and control mechanism group of the State Council.

The staff shall pay attention to personal hygiene and conduct hand hygiene in time to avoid touching the mouth, eyes and nose with unclean hands.

Keep the dormitory, canteen, office area, construction site and other environment clean and tidy, the toilet clean and tidy, and the garbage shall be “cleaned every day”, and closed transportation shall be adopted in the process of cleaning and transportation.

When sneezing or coughing, cover the mouth and nose with paper towels or use elbows and arms.

The State Council should deal with the epidemic prevention and control of the New Coronavirus disease prevention and control system in August 11, 2021.

The canteen adopts separate meals and staggered peak meals.

In the construction industry, the latest version of the guide points out that workers in operation Posts wear disposable medical masks, medical surgical masks or masks with protection grade above.


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