Necessity of organization standardization of construction enterprises

On the other hand, the standardized organization form can effectively ensure the rationality of cost expenditure and maximize the efficiency of resource utilization.

High quality development requires enterprises to pay attention to the rate of return on investment and resource utilization, and abandon the development concept of excessive pursuit of speed and ignoring quality in the past..

Third, organizational standardization can stimulate the upward vitality of the enterprise as a whole.

In terms of national population, China’s population growth has slowed down continuously, and the annual growth rate of newborn population has basically remained at about 0.5%, which has entered an aging society.

From the perspective of macroeconomic form, as China’s economic growth has shifted from high speed to medium high speed, the economic structure has been continuously optimized and upgraded, and the driving force has shifted from factor driven and investment driven to innovation driven, gradually entering the economic “new normal” of “improving quality and efficiency”.

Organization standardization is not only the most critical factor to enhance the core competitiveness of construction enterprises, but also the internal driving force for construction enterprises to achieve high-quality development.

Although the engineering construction technology of China’s construction enterprises is improving day by day, and even has reached the world leading level in some fields, it is urgent to optimize, upgrade and transform in terms of fine management, integrated management and whole life cycle management.

The essence of organization standardization is to select the most effective operation and management mode in line with its own development based on a large number of research and analysis of excellent enterprise organization forms, solidify it in the name of “standard”, and build the organization’s behavior according to this “standard”.

As the country with the largest elderly population in the world, by 2020, China’s population over the age of 60 has reached 240 million, accounting for 17.3% of the total population.

Therefore, organization standardization can enable enterprises to clarify their organizational positioning, so as to bring higher operation and management efficiency.

Organizational standardization is the primary condition to ensure that construction enterprises realize fine management.

This puts forward higher requirements for the internal operation mode, technical level and the establishment of a standardized organizational structure in line with the needs of the enterprise’s own development.

This also means that in the new era, if construction enterprises want to continue to move forward steadily, enterprise leaders need to rethink and pay attention to the internal management of enterprises, that is, from the original extensive rule of man management to the fine and standardized rule of law management.

China has entered the “Lewis turning point” period, and the “demographic dividend” has gradually disappeared, resulting in the decline of employees in the construction industry year after year, labor shortage, rising labor costs, and the increasingly serious and prominent problems of difficult and expensive employment in enterprises.

In this paper, the author will analyze the necessity of organizational standardization in construction enterprises through two dimensions: the external environment of the industry and the internal environment of the enterprise   one  — As an indispensable part of economic development, enterprises cannot exist independently of the external environment.


First, organizational standardization is the organizational basis for construction enterprises to realize fine management.

In the face of intensified market competition in the future, high-quality resources will gradually concentrate on the leading enterprises in the industry.

  Organization standardization is the primary condition for construction enterprises to realize fine management.

From the internal perspective of construction enterprises, the necessity of implementing organizational standardization mainly includes the following three points: ▌ 1   Organization standardization is an important basis for the core competitiveness of construction enterprises.

Clarity of job responsibilities is an important feature of organizational standardization.

From the perspective of national policies, the made in China 2025 plan proposes that under the strategic planning of scientific and technological innovation, in-depth integration of informatization and industrialization, strengthening quality brand construction and comprehensively promoting green manufacturing, the country has driven the development of business fields such as green environmental protection, infrastructure, intelligent construction and prefabricated construction in the construction industry.

With the transfer of the focus of national economic development, high-quality development has become the mainstream form of China’s economic development.

As an important part of enterprise internal operation, the standardization of organizational structure is not only the basis of enterprise internal management, but also the first step of enterprise management.

As an important participant in China’s economic construction, construction enterprises play an important role in economic development.

Enterprises need to establish standardized organizations that are more conducive to scientific and technological innovation and resource capacity accumulation, and improve their core competitiveness, so as to meet the development needs of increasing uncontrollable factors in the market environment and continuous technological innovation.

Organization standardization is the basis for construction enterprises to maintain their core competitiveness in the face of complex market environment.

At the same time, thanks to the rapid economic development of the country in recent years, the scale and efficiency of construction enterprises have made a qualitative leap.

This age group generally has strong self-awareness, pursues personality, and does not like the step-by-step and orderly style of doing things, which also increases the difficulty of enterprise management, resulting in a great impact on the stability of enterprise organization.

On the one hand, as a “double intensive” industry integrating labor-intensive and asset intensive, human resources and other related costs account for a large proportion in the total cost.

Although it is a new opportunity for construction enterprises, it is also facing new challenges.

In addition, in the new era, the “post-90s” employees have gradually become the new main force in the workplace.

Therefore, organizational standardization can promote the enterprise to form a good atmosphere of “being in their position and seeking their government”.

Therefore, enterprises need to establish organizational structure standardization to improve department collaborative operation ability and employee work efficiency, and reduce the adverse impact of employee turnover on enterprises, which will become a strong support for the rapid development of construction enterprises in the future   two  — Analysis of the internal environment dimension of enterprises in the era of “policy dividend” and “demographic dividend”, although the scale and economic benefits of construction enterprises have been rapidly developed and improved, there are still some problems within most enterprises, such as unclear organizational evolution path, unclear organizational positioning, inadequate organizational control and so on.

Moreover, with the gradual decline of the advantages of “policy dividend” and “demographic dividend”, Chinese construction enterprises will enter the era of “management dividend”.

Second, organizational standardization can help enterprises improve personnel efficiency and reduce management costs.

With the advantages of three aspects, organization standardization can consolidate the core competitiveness for construction enterprises and enable enterprises to maintain a stable and upward development trend in the increasingly severe market environment.

It is the key for construction enterprises to reduce internal friction and reduce operating costs.

Based on the practical experience of excellent companies in the industry and in combination with their own development needs, enterprises establish a reasonable standardized organizational structure, which can help departments clearly divide rights and responsibilities and clarify Department post responsibilities, so as to avoid problems such as poor process and unclear communication due to overlapping responsibilities and unclear rights and responsibilities.

Setting a reasonable standardized organizational structure can reduce the cost of coordination and communication and reduce the work lag caused by the change of department personnel.

Organizing standardized construction has become an urgent problem for construction enterprises.

As the main force of China’s economic construction, construction enterprises must also follow the trend of the times, fully realize high-quality development, and change from rough management to fine management.

When everyone is strictly limited within the framework of their job responsibilities, employees must not only perform their duties within the scope of their responsibilities in order to achieve work results, We also need to constantly think and optimize the working methods in the limited post space, so as to stimulate the upward vitality of employees, create a good working atmosphere and bring new impetus to the development of the enterprise.

However, with the slowdown of external market growth and the limited incremental market in the future, construction enterprises will face great pressure and challenges if they want to continue to develop steadily under the general trend of overall economic downturn.

First, organizational standardization can clarify the positioning of various organizational departments, avoid overlapping responsibilities, unclear positioning and other problems, and provide a solid guarantee for the company’s major decisions.

Therefore, in the process of standardization of organizational structure design, enterprises need to fully consider the impact of external environment on enterprise development.

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