I am on duty during the Spring Festival | Lv Wenhui of the Architecture Institute: Writing the New Year of the Rabbit

During the Spring Festival, I reviewed and summarized the work in 2022, sorted out the design progress of 10 station buildings, 6 signal buildings, 7 platform awnings and other construction sites in the Chinese section, and sorted out various problems affecting the design progress due to the owner’s approval reasons or inter-professional coordination reasons, so as to keep the project progress in mind, check the correspondence between all parties, and comment on the correspondence that has not yet been replied.

Compare the actual design progress of the project with the construction drawing plan after the year, finally determine the work points that need to be focused on and accelerated, and implement the factors affecting the design progress one by one to ensure the smooth progress of the project.

These include urging the owner to issue a written design change order for the signal building in paragraph 5 through the contractor, convening a professional coordination meeting due to the undetermined model of the four electrical equipment that affects the area of the house, and coordinating the canopy column and catenary column, so as to clarify the design obstacles and steadily advance the design progress.

I will start a new journey in 2023 with the attitude of struggle together with the majority of the predecessors of Tieshu.

At the meeting, according to the types of deliverables such as station buildings, platform awnings, signal buildings, four electric containers and so on, they sorted out station by station and section by section, constantly exchanged views with the contractors on the 2023 commencement plan, adjusted the date of drawing supply timely according to the construction bidding time, and discussed and formed the preliminary plan of building drawing supply.

This period is the golden working period between the local statutory Christmas holiday and the summer holiday in Hungary, which is the key period to ensure the timely submission of design deliverables.

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I am Lv Wenhui, the equipment institute of the Institute of Architecture.

During the Spring Festival, I will continue to be stationed at the project site.

Send the Tiger Year to celebrate the strong mountains and rivers, and welcome the Jade Rabbit to sing a new performance! As a young comrade, he undertook overseas projects for the first time and stayed overseas during the Spring Festival.

Since the end of July 2022, I have been stationed at the Hungarian-Hungary Railway Project for nearly six months.

His homesickness was beyond expression.

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But compared with the old comrades who have been engaged in overseas projects for many years in the group company, they have only taken a small step and have much to learn.

After reviewing the work in 2022, I have new thoughts on how to smoothly promote the work in 2023.

I organized the contractor consortium CRE, the design consortium CRDC-KCS, and the housing construction design subcontractor to hold the coordination meeting of the 2023 housing construction drawing supply plan.


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