Canada has taken innovative measures to expand immigration programs for unidentified construction workers in Greater Toronto

The inflation rate in December is 6.3%.

Potential applicants must first show their identity to the Canadian Labour Conference, which will pre-select and recommend qualified candidates for final evaluation by the immigration department.

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“We are pushing people to areas that are more capable of absorbing new immigrants.” Fraser has pointed out that incentives will be provided for new immigrants to encourage people to move to smaller rural communities for settlement.

In November last year, Fraser announced Canada’s immigration plan, which plans to introduce 465000 new immigrants in 2023, and 485000 and 500000 immigrants in 2024 and 2025, respectively, which attracted people’s attention.

The types of work eligible for the program include: ◆ tradesandskilledtransportandequipmentoperators ◆ maintenance and equipment operationtrade ◆ residential and commercial installersandservicersresidential and commercial installers and servicers◆ heavy equipment operators (exceptcrane) heavy equipment operators (except cranes) ◆ construction trade helpers and labors selected from the past in the construction industry! a fundamental task crucial for generations to come! Will Canada become a superpower to replace the United States? ⏵ When the extremely cold weather of – 30 degrees returns to Canada, the polar vortex will soon kill! Or 60cm Blizzard ⏴ 10.9%! In 2022, the rent in Canada will rise by another 5% this year.

In fact, we need to use the new flexible immigration plan implemented in 2023 to carry out targeted immigration lottery for people who can build more houses.” It is estimated that there are up to 500000 undocumented workers in Canada, many of whom are engaged in unstable and often exploited jobs in the fields of construction, cleaning, nursing, food processing and agriculture.

The one-bedroom rate is expected to rise by nearly 2600 yuan.

Eligible applicants must apply before January 2, 2024.

“If we do not build more houses, we will not solve this problem.

Sean Fraser, Minister of Immigration, said in a statement: “This pilot plan has taken an important step forward in solving the serious labor shortage in the Greater Toronto region by supporting the stability of the construction industry.” “By providing regular channels for immigrants who have lost their status, we are not only protecting workers and their families, but also protecting the Canadian labor market to ensure that we can retain skilled workers needed for economic development and construction.” In Ontario, there were 28360 jobs waiting to be filled in the construction industry in the second quarter of last year, up from 20895 in the same period in 2021.

The applicant must meet the following qualifications: ● initially entered the country legally as a temporary resident and resided in Canada for at least five years ● proof of payment of Canadian income tax ● family members, or spouses and children living in Canada are permanent residents or Canadian citizens ● in addition to overdue residence in the country, There are no other crimes that will be prohibited from entering Canada.

BeaBruske, President of the Canadian Labour Conference, said at the press conference: “Workers who have lost their status are vulnerable to exploitation and abuse by employers, and their and their families have limited access to education, medical care and social welfare.” According to the construction worker migration pilot plan, only construction workers who live in Toronto, York, Pier, Horton and Duran are qualified.

On Friday, Canadian Immigration Minister Sean Fraser said that as part of his plan to alleviate the labor shortage in the technology industry, the annual available quota of the plan would be doubled from 500 to 1000 by the beginning of next year.

Many residents are trying to extend their temporary visas and hope to obtain permanent residency.

Although most Canadians support a higher level of immigration, some people are worried about whether the country can accommodate more people under the tight rental and housing market, and also worry that these measures will further drive up the housing cost.

The Bank of Canada may suspend action after raising interest rates by 25 basis points next week.

Advocates said that the vast majority of workers without provinces also came to Canada through legal channels at the beginning, but later lost their status because of student visas, work visas and other issues.

According to the latest report of English media, in order to help solve the housing crisis in Canada, the Canadian federal government is expanding a small-scale pilot project to provide permanent residence for construction workers who have lost their status in Canada.


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