The snow and ice adventure of the light makes the building “frozen” and impossible to play

The simple architectural appearance forms a sharp contrast with the tension of the starring concert hall.

Two Hole Anchor

“05 floating ice Teahouse o Teahouse o is designed as a canal open view Pavilion for the public to open to Copenhagen.

The designer stacked the scattered glass boxes and glittering aluminum plates in an irregular shape above the circular glass atrium to create a dreamy effect.

Ming’s Acrylic pipe is hung on the roof to create an effect similar to ice column crystallization.

The facade of the project is inspired by cranes and Neo Gothic spires, which mark the skyline of the main port city on the Oder River.

Frozen world ice world “01 ice block Cultural Tourism Center China Xinxiang cultural tourism center has become the architectural symbol of the city’s new tourism area with its large-scale volume.

The team hopes to create a space covered by natural landscapes.

Together, they create a bright interior during the day and a luminous outline at night.

Its roof and base are made of wood structure, covered with fiber and plastic covered foam polystyrene.

Great The appearance of the building is perfectly integrated with nature.

The architect once said that the building was like a mass of inhabited ice, emitting light.

This is a comprehensive design, which extracts identifiable elements from the surrounding environment and forms its own characteristics in volume, vertical direction and roof modeling.

The team creates this semi-finished music hall by using grooved glass Transparent veil like exterior wall, this material can maximize the daylight during the day and let the light radiate from the building at night.

Ribbed glass covers the entire exterior, allowing light to pass through the interior in addition to the large skylight that pierces the roof.

This building subverts the straight characteristics of traditional buildings, shows people with irregular appearance, and highlights the post-modernism style of buildings with novel aluminum plate building materials.

The project integrates into the natural environment of tauras Mountain Park, embeds into the hillside and opens to the outside through its entrance.

The project hopes to create a solid urban index, unite the whole region and attract local and regional tourists.

This luminous texture aims to present the lighthouse image in the park for the concert hall| The “03 iceberg” in the concert hall shicheqing Philharmonic Concert Hall shicheqing’s New Philharmonic Concert Hall was rebuilt on the original site of the concert hall damaged during World War II, including a symphony concert hall and an Chamber Concert Hall.

“04 snow and ice eye lumaarles building lumaarles building is located in the Arles Cultural Park in the southern city of France.

It seems that the appearance of the building will change over time.

The starring concert hall is supposed to be a golden handicraft, which follows the design tradition of concert halls in Central Europe.

The ice crystal part can also capture light and reflect it.

When approaching the building, the appearance will become more subtle and complex, because the building has the glass facade of translucent ice crystals, which can filter the light and internal field of vision, and the intermittent visual experience attracts people to approach.

The facade evokes the impression of the steep limestone cliffs around the city, which some architectural critics describe as a stainless steel tornado.

From a distance, it looks like a mass of inhabited ice.

This concept has led them to have the idea of using transparent acrylic as a wall and pillar.

The building emits the light it receives.

It not only forms a harmonious beauty with the local landscape, but also allows people who come to the park to experience the experience of seamless connection to the front desk of the concert hall.

Whether it is external or functional decoration, it adopts local traditional technology and is based on components covered with gold foil.

The tourism area will be specially used for winter sports.

By gathering artists and creatives, lumaarles building creates a creative park for the future.

Sometimes it is bright white in the sun, foggy in cloudy weather, and even frosted in some lights.

The base below the building is reminiscent of the circular Colosseum in Arles.

The design integrates nine” ice blocks ” Shaped building blocks, which overlap and offset each other, represent the overall theme of the leisure area.

The translucent outside of the ice cube can effectively capture natural light.

The light collection depends on the time, season and weather of the day.

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“02 popsicle house tautosnamaitaotosnamai is a new concert hall completed in Vilnius, Lithuania.


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