Correct sequence of construction cost and quantity calculation

Calculation of quantities of roof works (thermal insulation leveling layer, thermal insulation layer, waterproof leveling layer, waterproof layer, rainwater pipe, etc.) 9.

Calculation sequence of civil engineering quantities 1 Calculate the leveling site (i.e.

Calculate the quantities of masonry works (external wall, internal wall and sporadic masonry) 5.

Bend Loop

Calculate the quantities of foundation works (Foundation earthwork and foundation masonry) 4.

The main items of prefabrication are prefabricated lintel and formwork; the main items of cast-in-situ include ring beam, lintel, structural column, single beam, slab, staircase, canopy and its formwork) 6.

Calculation of quantities of decoration works (exterior wall decoration, interior wall decoration, ceiling decoration, sporadic decoration, etc.) 8.

Calculation of quantities of floor works (various indoor integral and block material surface layers, stair surface layers, steps, apron, ramp, skirting ditch, etc.) 7.

the building area of one floor) 2.

Calculate the building area (calculate the building area of each floor respectively and then sum) 3.

Calculate the quantities of concrete and reinforced concrete works (it is divided into prefabrication and cast-in-situ.

Calculation of quantities of other works (mainly including freight, scaffold, entrance and exit of large machinery, ultra-high fee, vertical closure, etc.) share a teacher here.

Calculation of quantities of door and window works (fabrication, installation and transportation of wooden door frames and leaves, painting, installation of hardware and door locks, fabrication and installation of plastic steel windows) 10.


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