The Ministry of housing and urban rural development pushes the construction robot! How to implement rongchuang?

Place the measured robot ucl360 at the planned next station and open rongchuang Zhizao app for measurement.

The comprehensive efficiency is improved from the perspective of industrial chain.

Rongchuang Zhizao app actual measurement plate measurement robot can help real estate enterprises realize automatic actual measurement at all stages of the construction process, and the explosion points are automatically matched to the wall of the corresponding drawings, so as to facilitate the rectification personnel to directly correspond to the rectification, retest and verification through the mobile app.

All data are directly viewed in rongchuang intelligent manufacturing app.

It not only solves the problem of labor shortage, but also improves the construction quality.

It is worth noting that in this first list, construction robots have become the focus of attention, among which the R & D and application of intelligent construction equipment such as construction robots has become one of the key tasks.

CSCEC fully automatic measuring robot Shenzhen construction engineering Guangming Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine project measuring robot application engineering quality management solution 03 solution of batch decoration company the use of measuring robot can help the decoration company improve efficiency and measurement accuracy in the civil handover link before undertaking batch hardcover.

Measurement robots have served many decoration customers: ucl360 measurement robots such as Jinglong, kaizhuang, Golden Mantis and kujiale can also be used for BIM docking of decoration companies..

Easily find the explosion point: the whole wall measurement quantifies and reflects the construction quality with the detection of the overall wall data, provides the function of viewing the contour map, and helps the manual wall rectification with the positive and negative measured values, so that the rectification personnel can easily find the explosion point position of the corresponding wall.

The notice pointed out that all localities have actively explored digital design, intelligent production and intelligent construction, and made great progress in promoting the coordinated development of intelligent construction and new building industrialization, The Ministry of housing and urban rural development has summarized the experience and practices of various localities and formed the first list for guidance and learning.

Three characteristics of full wall measurement:      1.

02 the quality control solution of the construction unit, Angrui technology ucl360 measured real robot, has performed excellently in helping the construction unit reduce cost, increase efficiency and improve quality.

Behind the successful realization of this concept is the perfect help of Angrui ucl360 measured real quantity robot! So what is “100% measured quantity”? How does the real robot work? Next, we will give a detailed description from the following aspects: the 3D laser scanner ucl360 developed by Angrui technology can automatically generate tables from the measured data and upload them to the client.

The measured real data is automatically uploaded in the whole process, and Angrui technology on the mobile phone perfectly realizes the operation visualization, data analysis visualization and measurement automation of the measured real quantity of project management and BIM data application through the in-depth combination of the digitization of architectural drawings, and starts the step towards intelligence.

There is no need to record data manually in the whole process, which saves time and effort, and can avoid any human induced data error and fraud.

The combination of measurement and BIM application separates people from data in the whole process of quality control, and paperless online data is real-time, fair, effective and transparent, which creates necessary conditions for the multi-purpose of data in all links in the process of intelligent construction, greatly improves the comprehensive efficiency from the perspective of industrial chain, and greatly improves the construction quality.

The list released this time is the test results after the implementation of the opinions, which has considerable guiding significance for the future development of intelligent construction.

Data viewing method 3: data report to meet the needs of different end customers, our report can be customized according to customer needs.

Each wall is supported by tens of millions of point cloud data, and there is no dead corner quality monitoring.

In recent years, real estate enterprises, general contracting and batch decoration companies have also spared no effort in the investment of “intelligent construction”.

Mobile phone interaction can find the next station position intuitively through the drawing, one key automatic measurement, explosion point automatically on the wall, and contour map is convenient for rectification.

The concave convex of the wall is clear at a glance, which is convenient for manual rectification;     3.

What are the three data viewing methods of ucl360 robot? Answer: data viewing method 1: 3D model can directly view the data of each wall on the 3D model, which is very intuitive.

At present, the measurement of the whole wall is mainly used to measure the flatness of the wall.

At the same time, three main measures are listed: 1.

The measured real robot compares and measures through a large number of room data, and its accuracy is within 1.5mm, which is relatively opaque compared with the data caused by manual measurement, The accuracy and transparency of the measurement robot support it as a more reliable choice! This is also the main reason why construction units such as CSCEC, China Construction Engineering Group, China Railway and Zhongtian began to use measurement robots.

How many measurement methods does ucl360 robot have? Answer: there are two measurement methods: simulated manual ruler lowering and full wall measurement.

Taking the measurement robot mentioned in the above figure as an example, let’s see how various enterprises use it: 01 rongchuang’s industry first “100% measured quantity” recently, with the brand concept of “reaching perfection and reaching far”, Committed to building high-quality products, rongchuang group subversively put forward the concept of “100% measured real quantity and interpreting quality with data”, which has triggered the industry to emulate.

It is convenient to find problems quickly, efficiently, fairly and objectively and clarify the responsible party.

The measuring robot completes the automatic leveling, scanning, modeling of a single room in 3.5 minutes, fuzzy matching between drawings and models, result calculation, coordinate conversion, output of data and contour map, completion of blasting point on the wall, and automatic matching of blasting point data to the corresponding wall.

The CAD assistant identifies CAD drawing rules and information through artificial intelligence, carries out BIM information re modeling of drawings, provides effective information for automatic actual measurement, and provides structured data support for all stages of project management.

The intelligent actual measurement system has several characteristics: 1.

The traditional manual measuring pain point measuring robot ucl360 has backward measurement means, large error, lidar system, high precision, multi person cooperation operation, poor timeliness, single person one key scanning, fast sharing of data in different stages, automatic recording of fragmented data, traceable related measurement software, friendly intelligent system, fool random ruler data, and difficult to survey the whole wall data, With the vigorous promotion of the Ministry of housing and urban rural development, “intelligent manufacturing” is bound to become a trend instead of “construction”.

Therefore, during the construction stage, the construction party and all participants shall conduct full inspection on the actual measurement link, the data can be traced and retained, and the measurement data can be reused by all participants, so as to comprehensively improve the operation efficiency of construction quality inspection.


Including: civil engineering quality inspection, rectification guidance, retest, civil engineering handover, batch decoration and property handover.

The whole process is efficient, convenient, intelligent and accurate.

The numerical measurement of the whole wall breaks the upper limit of the traditional manual ruler;     2.

The measurement range is: Wall flatness and verticality; Squareness of internal and external corners; Height and width of door opening; Room space, depth, clear height, squareness and area; The ground flatness and levelness are extremely poor.

Popularizing measurement robots and intelligent measurement tools 2.

The measured real quantity robot ucl360 developed by Angrui technology has the measurement principle of semantic segmentation, recognition and modeling of the wall, ground and ceiling of the house space, and computing and processing the million point cloud to obtain the whole wall measurement data.

All construction units are also paying close attention to mature intelligent products.

The cloud platform checks the measured real quantity of household acceptance, one household and one table.


Data viewing method 2: the contour line of the whole wall measurement indicates the concave convex condition of the wall flatness through the color and positive and negative measurement values, and the flatness condition of the whole wall is clear at a glance.

Popularizing and applying parts and components production robots 3 Speed up the research and development of construction robots and intelligent engineering machinery and equipment.

Plate Anchor

Recently, the official website of the Ministry of housing and urban rural development issued the notice on printing and distributing the list of replicable experience and practices (the first batch) for the coordinated development of intelligent construction and new building industrialization.

The data during the construction of Party A’s project can be shared and used by the construction party, decoration party, property and other parties.


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