The school of architecture and civil engineering held a communication meeting on the publication of academic monographs in 2022

It is of great significance to take this opportunity to publish a series of books, record the sparks of academic collision in the seminar, make it widely spread, and provide excellent teachers of our college and architecture with the opportunity to publish papers and carry out academic discussion, as well as to deepen the academic teaching and research spirit of the college.

At the meeting, president Zhao Wanmin pointed out that the first academic seminar on major education of mountain human settlements environment is a major academic special seminar to be carried out by our university.

After the meeting, the two sides have reached an agreement on the publication details and reached a strategic partnership.

Therefore, our University attaches great importance to it, arranges relevant matters in advance and promotes the smooth development of the seminar in depth.

Lin Qingshan, President of the construction branch of Chongqing University Press, said that Chongqing University Press will make concerted efforts to assist our institute in publishing relevant books and contribute to enriching the literature related to architecture.

Our college will continue to promote the smooth development of all work of the seminar, continue to pay attention to the development of academic research in architecture, vigorously implement the special project of first-class discipline construction, and comprehensively improve the structural adaptability of college student education, talent training quality and scientific and technological innovation level.

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On December 16, Zhao Wanmin, President of the school of architecture and civil engineering, Li Pingshi and Duan min, vice presidents, Wang Shuang, deputy secretary of the general Party branch, Yang longlong, director of the Department of architecture, Zhu Guixiang, director of the Department of urban and rural planning, Lin Qingshan, President of the construction branch of Chongqing University Press, Wang Ting, architectural editor Shu Xiaoyu, the promotion manager of the textbook marketing department, jointly discussed the publication of the first 2021 academic seminar on mountain human settlements education in the Party member activity room of the first education department.

Our college plans to launch four series of books on mountain human settlements: Proceedings of Academic Conference on mountain human settlements education, form and technology of mountain human settlements, theory and exploration of mountain human settlements, historical and contemporary artistic conception poetry and painting.

The series will be published in 2022 and published in 2023.

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