Architectural beauty: 54 most beautiful photos of stairs in the world

The more ordinary things, the more extraordinary beauty.

This sequence is endless.

The metal texture has a feeling of indifference and alienation.

In terms of shape, although the most common is circular rotating stairs, there are many special-shaped rotating stairs in the world.

In terms of visual effect, circle is also recognized as the most beautiful shape.

The oval revolving staircase looks like the eye of an angel.

Rotating stairs of different materials can also bring different aesthetics.

There are many variations in the shape of rotating stairs, but the most common is still circular rotating stairs.

Rotating stairs can quickly improve the appearance of a building.

In his works, we can see the beauty of rotating stairs from all over the world.

A beautifully designed revolving staircase can make the whole building elegant and advanced.

The great beauty of the world mostly follows the golden rule, and the rotating stairs are no exception.

Standing at the top, there is a feeling of looking at the small mountains.

This mysterious spiral can be found not only in shells and nebulae.

In contemporary architecture, the design of rotating stairs is much simpler.

The colorful ladder gives people a glimpse of the children living here, colorful childhood.

When it comes to architectural aesthetics, many people think of Budapest hotel for the first time.

Because they are too common, they are often ignored.

The heart-shaped revolving staircase is full of strong French style.

Blue makes you seem to go to the romantic Aegean Sea.

Black and white, combined like diamond poker, have a strong sense of modern glass and metal.

He not only likes to shoot rotating stairs, but also set up an account to collect rotating stairs all over the world.

It’s hard to think about it when you go up such a rotating staircase.

So the sequence starting from zero is like this: 0,1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21,34,55,89144…

However, when it comes to the “single product” of the largest beauty in the architectural industry, we have to mention the rotating stairs.

The complex patterns have a mysterious atmosphere, revealing the meaning of sacredness and inviolability everywhere, which makes people feel very noble.

Any shot is beautiful.

The Bagua shaped revolving staircase is essentially an observation platform.

The square revolving staircase has a sharper feeling than the round one.

Cast In Loop

From the rotating stairs, you can see the mystery of the beauty of nature and feel the real architectural aesthetics..

The revolving stairs with carved beams and painted columns have complex and complex patterns, giving people a palace style.

Water drop shaped rotating stairs, color matching makes people very comfortable.

This film shows people the beauty of architecture in an all-round way.

Decagonal rotating stairs can get more sufficient light.

In his opinion, the revolving staircase is a god given work of art.

In addition to these, some rotating stairs will choose some very complex patterns, most of which are ancient libraries.

Yellow, enthusiastic and unrestrained.

Do not need too much decoration, just spend some time on the railing, you can make the rotating stairs beautiful.

Deep red, it seems retro, with a strong French style.

The radial spiral staircase is actually a small landscape.

Stairs are an essential element of almost every building.

The special-shaped revolving stairs are like an overpass on each floor.

Wooden has a Book smell.

When we arrange each sequence, we get a mysterious spiral, and it is the key to the door of beauty.

Every angle is perfect, whether it’s upside down or upside down.

Dark blue, as quiet as the deep sea.

Worldneedsmore spiritual staircases, the creator of this account, is committed to looking for designed rotating stairs all over the world, so that people can find the beauty of rotating stairs.

Simply put, the Fibonacci sequence follows this Law: each number is the sum of the first two.

Light yellow, elegant and simple, neither low-key nor publicity.

The rotating staircase also follows this aesthetic law, so it can show excellent aesthetic effect visually.

Many people think that the rotating staircase is not a spiral ladder? But in fact, there are a lot of attention in the rotating stairs.

Even let the crowd and buildings become one and become a landscape together.

“The beautiful revolving stairs often intoxicate me, and I hope more people can find its beauty.” Exploring the beauty of rotating stairs is actually exploring the beauty of the golden rule, which has deeply affected people’s aesthetics for thousands of years.

Gray, like the scene of a large autumn and winter fashion conference, the wallpaper on the wall is very fashionable.

The most original function of stairs is to connect two floors, but in addition to this function, stairs can also be an ornament.

Red, romantic and affectionate, like a woman with flaming red lips staring at you quietly.

Triangular revolving stairs have a metallic texture.

Different colors of rotating stairs can also bring different visual enjoyment.

Good rotating stairs have 360 degrees without dead corners, and they look good in any way.

For example, the figure below is a combination of square and fan, which is more solemn and solemn.

In life, few people notice the beauty of stairs.

Fibonacci sequence, also known as the golden section sequence, is the most mysterious and aesthetic sequence in nature.

Black and white, the whole will have a high-grade gray texture, simple but elegant.

From the design of railings and wallpapers to the color matching and modeling of stairs, only a little change is needed, and the whole building will be full of vitality.

Since ancient times, red and blue come out CP, and the collision between red and blue also has a harmonious beauty.

Color or candy color, much like the color matching of contemporary art exhibition and kindergarten.

The stone texture has a sense of massiness.

In fact, the beauty of circular rotating stairs is not accidental, because there is an important mathematical aesthetic law: Fibonacci sequence.

You don’t need to find an angle.


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