Architectural memory (48) Ertaizi Guandi Temple

Guandi temple was built in the Tang Dynasty, and many legends and stories have been deduced from the beginning of construction.

Shenyang Ertaizi Guandi ancient temple Huguo Temple (hereinafter referred to as Guandi Temple) is located in Ertaizi village, Qianjin Township, Dongling District, Shenyang.

Shengjing Tongzhi is also known as “the Guandi Temple of Ertaizi in the north of the city is a famous temple”, which shows its long history and great influence.

According to the records of Shenyang county annals, “Guandi ancient Temple (Huguo Temple) in beiertaizi, Shenyang was built eight li away from the city in the Tang Dynasty”, covering an area of 3318 square meters.

Guandi ancient temple is located on the hillside, with unique temple buildings, green trees, elegant and quiet, quite mysterious.

Another name is “Guanquan Temple”.

It has been improved and added in all dynasties.

Before the cultural revolution, the ancient chop remained intact and was demolished during the cultural revolution.

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This temple has many former names, such as Confucius Temple, Wu Temple and Ertaizi temple.

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