Why do 90% of construction companies choose agency qualification?

The qualification of the enterprise is not complete.

It needs to be protected and promoted in the later stage.

2、 Handle more professional qualification agency.

The selection of qualified agents can prevent these troubles and devote the managers to the development of the company.

3、 Bring convenience to the enterprise.

Especially for newly established companies, if they are not familiar with the qualification handling and do not know how to reasonably plan the time, it is likely to take one year to obtain the qualification.

The qualification agency company has many advantages, including professional team and channels.

If the enterprise protects and promotes itself, it will inevitably take time and labor, spend a lot of human and material resources, and affect the normal work of the company and accept the project.

If the qualification agency company is fast, it can be handled successfully in the shortest three months.

As a professional qualification agency, the professionalism of qualification handling is higher than that of the enterprise itself.

The qualification agency company will always pay attention to the latest policies and trends in the construction industry, and often deal with government departments in the process of qualification handling.

1、 The processing cycle is short.

4、 The success rate is high.

The company has been specialized in qualification agency business for a long time, has a professional team to handle qualification, and has a lot of successful experience in qualification handling.

What should we start from when we just enter the cost industry?..

The disadvantage of qualification processing for construction enterprises is that enterprises do not understand the qualification processing process, required materials and index requirements, which will take a lot of time and affect the progress of qualification processing.

If construction enterprises choose to handle their own qualification and do not understand the relevant problems of construction qualification, it will not only reduce the efficiency of qualification handling, but also the success rate of qualification handling is not high.

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It takes a shorter time to find a qualification agency for construction qualification handling than that of an enterprise, and the success rate of qualification handling is also relatively high.

It is very important for construction enterprises to quickly obtain qualification certificates to undertake projects.

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It is very familiar with qualification handling, which greatly increases the success rate of qualification handling.


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