[Architecture link] “zero tolerance”! This company is not allowed to undertake new projects in Jiangsu Province!

The materials are stacked near the edge and the hole, and the stacking exceeds the specified height and is unstable; 2.

Personnel entering the construction site must wear safety helmets correctly.

For openings with short side length or diameter less than or equal to 500mm, blocking measures shall be taken.

The coverage of the protective shed shall be greater than the influence range of objects that may fall from the construction above.


The accident notification of the second Construction Co., Ltd.

Safety monitoring is not in place.

The safety protection shed should be built with section steel or steel plate or double-layer wooden plate, and can withstand the impact of falling objects.

According to relevant regulations, new projects shall not be contracted in Jiangsu Province from today.

4、 Personal labor protection measures are not comprehensive, safety technology and management measures are not in place, and non-standard construction methods are used, resulting in unsafe objects: 1.

legal representative: Ni mouwei project director: Zhu moucang the safety production conditions of the above general contractors and subcontractors have been reduced.

2、 People’s unsafe behavior personnel’s weak safety awareness leads to unsafe behaviors such as illegal operation: 1.

The demolished materials are thrown and stacked randomly, and even directly throw construction materials, sundries and construction waste to the ground instead of being lifted down by crane or bagged with hemp rope; 3.


The scaffold board of the object is not fully paved or laid irregularly, and the working surface is lack of skirting board; 4.

All objects that may fall during work at heights and on the site shall be removed or fixed in advance.

Yesterday, Jiangsu Provincial Department of housing and urban rural development reported a casualty accident on the construction site.

One sided pursuit of progress, unreasonable arrangement of operation time, unreasonable organization of construction, requiring workers to work overtime, resulting in the lack of safety supervision; 3.

When it is within the falling radius, safety protection shed or other isolation measures must be set.

③ A passage within the swing range of the crane’s jib.

There are no warning signs, guardrails or protective sheds around the demolition works.

legal representative: He Mou Project Leader: Zhao Mou subcontractor: Anhui * Chao Construction Engineering Co., Ltd.

The top surface of the first section of arm guard well ring at the orifice of Manually Excavated Pile shall be no less than 200mm higher than the bottom surface, and sundries shall not be accumulated around the orifice..

The main causes of object strike accidents are as follows 👇👇👇 1、 Construction management and safety supervision and management are not in place.

3、 The unsafe state of the object, the safety technology and management measures are not in place, and the use of non-standard construction methods causes the object to be in an unsafe state: 1.

Cross the warning area at will and do not walk in the specified safe passage.

Failure to timely clean up the waste such as corner materials at high places leads to the falling of corner materials due to vibration, collision and other reasons.

It is hereby notified as follows: accident project: Shentong (Taizhou) smart logistics e-commerce Industrial Park project.

Reliable sealing measures shall be taken for the bottom layer of cantilever scaffold and attached lifting scaffold.

In terms of construction organization and management, the construction director does not pay enough attention to cross operation, and arranges two or more groups of construction personnel to work at the top and bottom of the same operation point at the same time, resulting in cross operation; 2.





Measures to prevent object strike: according to the safety standard for prevention and control of accidents prone to construction (JGJ / t429-2018) implemented on October 1, 2018, object strike accident prevention shall be ▼▼▼ 1.

The following is the full text of the notification.

Jiangsu Province has a “zero tolerance” attitude towards safety accidents, and the punishment for the responsible subject is very severe.

② Access roads and centralized processing sites within the influence range of objects that may fall from the upper construction.

Project Leader: sun mouda general contractor: China Construction * Bureau Group Second Construction Co., Ltd.


The stored materials shall be stacked stably, and the portable operation tools shall be put into the tool bag.

The following parts shall be provided with safety protection shed from the second floor of the building: ① access for personnel (including access for material elevator and construction elevator).


Plate Rebar Anchor

When the stamping steel scaffold board is used for the operation layer of the operation platform or scaffold, the punching diameter of the board surface shall be less than 25mm.

For Shentong (Taizhou) smart logistics e-commerce Industrial Park project, a safety production accident with one person dead occurred on the site, and the general contractor and subcontractor were suspended.

of China Construction * bureau group was EPC by the second Construction Co., Ltd.

The protection of flat net and dense mesh net is not strict, and the falling objects can not be well sealed; 3.

Common tools in the work process are not placed in the tool bag and are placed randomly; 2.


Accident location: east side of Jiegou Road, Jiulong Town, Hailing District, Taizhou city, Accident time on the north side of Yunhe Road: About 7:10 on January 18, 2022 casualties: one person died construction unit: Taizhou Deze Logistics Co., Ltd.

Common object strike types ● in high-altitude operation, people are injured due to falling objects such as, tools, parts, bricks and tiles, wood blocks and so on; ● people are injured by littering wastes and sundries; ● during lifting, disassembly and formwork removal, materials fall and hurt people; ● objects in the equipment fly out and injure people when the equipment operates with faults; ● personal injury caused by flying objects from pressure vessel explosion; ● people are injured by riprap during blasting operation.

The gap between the lower edge of the lower toe board of the edge protective railing and the bottom surface shall not be greater than 10mm.

During cross operation, the lower operation position shall be outside the falling radius of the upper operation.

of China Construction * bureau group at about 7:10 on January 18, 2022 An object strike production safety accident occurred at the project site of Shentong (Taizhou) smart logistics e-commerce Industrial Park in Hailing District, Taizhou City supervised by Zhejiang Hengxiang Engineering Management Co., Ltd., resulting in one death.

legal representative: Sun Mou Chunxiang Project Leader: sun mouchun supervision unit: Zhejiang * Xiang Engineering Management Co., Ltd.

If it is a local small and medium-sized construction enterprise, it may enter the life and death situation after stopping the bid for one year, superimposing the industry downturn and epidemic situation…

The working passage shall be cleaned.

Operators enter the construction site without wearing safety helmets as required, or the safety helmets are unqualified; 2.


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