In Feng Shui, what is particular about architectural form?

In the direction, it’s best to sit West to East, east to west, or northwest to Southeast, so you can have a continuous blessing.


In addition, the front room is wide and then the tail is pointed, or the side of the house is inclined, which is like a tail, commonly known as “Mars tail”, which is also a “fire shape”.

From the perspective of orientation, the earth shaped house should sit West to East, South to north, or northwest to Southeast.

According to the ancient five element classification, there are also different types of houses, such as wood, fire, earth, gold, water and so on.

Wuqu gold shaped house in ancient Chinese architecture, those with neat walls, four eaves and bright and clean houses are called “Wuqu gold shaped house” by Feng Shui artists.

Jumen earth shaped house is an auspicious house in Yangzhai Feng Shui.

“The integration of public houses” says: the earth shape of the huge gate is really enviable, and the fields and gardens are like flowing springs.

On the contrary, if the north faces south, the east faces west, the Northeast faces southwest, and the southwest faces northeast, then either wealth is not long, or there are other bad luck.


The building of water shaped house wants its house to be clean and beautiful.

In the direction, it is best to sit north to south, east to west, or southeast to northwest.

In architecture, the earth shaped house wants its house to be complete, the four eaves are flush, and the walls are intact.

The shape of water shaped house is mainly that the main hall is shallow and wide, the side houses are low and flat, the whole building is scattered but not concentrated, and the walls fluctuate like water waves.


If you don’t avoid these, feng shui experts think it will be bad luck.

It is said that it can not only be prosperous, but also marry a noble husband.

If there is a sharp shot in front of the door, Yang people are mostly damaged in middle age.

Wooden houses are “wooden houses” where three houses are built in the Oriental wooden position, or the roof is tangent to one side and straight forward, or the whole building is in a straight line or in a straight line.

If there are sharp hills, streams, roads, alleys and temple corners in front of the house, they will often break through and be unlucky.

Earth shaped house the situation of earth shaped house is mainly that the main hall of the building structure is straight and the surrounding area is close.

In the direction, the fire shaped house should sit northeast to southwest, or northwest to Southeast, so that the owner will prosper.

If the foundation is high and the eaves are also high and low, it is specially called “Lu Cuntu”.

Fire shaped houses are “fire shaped” if the middle main hall of the house building is higher than the left and right buildings, or the middle main hall is higher than the front and rear buildings, and there are rafters with sharp exposed teeth on the front eaves.


This wooden house has high ridges, undulating walls and four eaves.

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The reason is that not only the population is prosperous, but also there can be a certain amount of real estate.



It is not appropriate to sit West to East, east to west, north to south, northwest to Southeast, southeast to northwest, otherwise there will be disasters and all kinds of bad luck.


The most taboo is to sit in the south facing north, sit in the north facing south, and sit in the Northeast facing southwest, sit in the southwest facing northeast, otherwise it will be bad for his wife’s wealth and other things.

If there is fierce sand in front of me, many people will be damaged as a plague.

There is a poem in the collection of Yangzhai, which says that the greedy wolf wood shape is really worthy of boasting, and the literary style is the first to assist the royal family.

It has square houses, flat eaves, rigorous shape and style.

After the homestead problem is solved, what we need to encounter is the architectural form of homestead.

In most Chinese classical buildings, if the house base is uneven, the main house fluctuates, and the two compartments rise up to bully the main house, it can be regarded as a “Lu Cun earth shaped house”…

Greedy wolf wooden house in ancient Chinese architecture, most of which have high ridges, strict four eaves arches and four walls, is called “greedy wolf wooden house”.

In the eyes of Feng Shui artists, as a kind of auspicious house, if you see a rough and evil back hill in front of the greedy wolf wood house, or the impact of roads, alleys, temple corners and other buildings, it may turn auspicious into evil and reduce the score.


As a kind of auspicious house, if you see the rough and evil hills and ruthless back in front of the golden house in Wuqu, as well as other alley roads, temple corners and wall house ornaments, you will turn auspicious into evil.

Lucun earth shaped house is an unlucky house.

It is inappropriate to sit West to East, South to north, northwest to Southeast, southwest to northeast, northeast to southwest.


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