Anhui has a “strange” building, invested billions of dollars, but because of the shape is too wonderful to make complaints about it.

You can see from the photos that this building looks like a ping-pong racket is still very grand.

Why should such a large sum of money be used to build these seemingly useless things? In fact, the construction of the Olympic Park in Huainan is also in response to the national call to encourage the national movement.

Today, Xiaobian introduced to you that Anhui is a unique building with a billion dollar investment.

Its moral is to encourage the development of Chinese football.

After completion, it will become the office space of the park.

In principle, Huainan is only a third tier town.

However, in order to build these two buildings, it will cost billions of yuan, which also makes many citizens express their incomprehension.

Many developed city have built their own landmark buildings, such as the eyes of Tianjin, the Oriental Pearl TV Tower in Shanghai, Guangzhou small waist waist, etc., are all more characteristic buildings.

When you hear the name, you will surely make complaints about the Olympic Games.

The second wonderful building is the Olympic Stadium.

Its appearance is very similar to football.

It is about 60 meters high and consists of hundreds of rooms.

The first building looks like a ping-pong racket.

This building is the Olympic Sports Park in Huainan.

Although the original intention of the local is very good, there are two strange buildings in the park, which have attracted the attention of citizens.

But it is being cut up by the wonderful shape.

In recent years, with the rapid development of our economy, the construction of city has become more and more prosperous.

Reasonably speaking, Huainan is not a sports developed city, and the reason why it spent 1.8 billion yuan to build this huge park is to drive the development of the city’s sports industry.

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However, with the change of people’s aesthetics, some areas have built many odd buildings in order to attract the attention of tourists.

Although it seems useless now, with the passage of time, perhaps Huainan will become the host of the Olympic Games in the near future.


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