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Can Beautiful Things Happen to Me? Huachen Yu – Sound Continuously · Baodao Season Phase 6 01 Shenzhen West Lake Greenway Station – Tongji Original Works Design Studio © Zhang Chao © The editor of Tongji Original Works Design Studio loves the natural and vivid connection between its design path, path and environment, reflection, and water surface.

© Zhang Chao © Models from Tongji Original Design Studio 02 | George Sula 1887 editor likes Sula’s dot paintings, and this one is interesting because of its walls.

This building is one of the answers.

As the famous saying goes, “A person cannot walk into the same river twice.

And the positions and movements of the models form a stable triangle, with the front, side, back, and even a miniature collection of different angles of a person, resembling a group of sculptures specially displayed for the audience.

It is his masterpiece “Sunday Afternoon on Big Bowl Island”, which can confuse time, space, reality, and illusion.

© Zhang Chao has always believed that architecture is not a destructive existence to nature.

Magnetic Recess Former

© Zhang Chao is the most beautiful frame of nature and the most beautiful mirror of nature.

You’re so lucky! I met someone like Apollo+Medusa~Remember to click on the blue letter in the upper left corner and set it as a star mark ★ Duck~Today, I will bring TMI content to all my friends, gathering my favorite architecture, paintings, and urban public art.

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