New house building permit hit another record high! Will house prices fall?

At present, Auckland and Canterbury have the highest number of new house permits per 1000 residents, with 11.9 in Auckland, 11.6 in Canterbury, followed by 10.0 in Waikato.

According to the latest data released by Statistics New Zealand on Thursday, the number of building permits per 1000 residents rose to 9.5 in the year ended November last year.

Although the new housing construction permit rate is far from a record, the number of new housing permits actually approved in November reached 4688, a record in any month.

This property can attract not only families looking for housing and income, but also smart investors looking for good returns and developers looking for opportunities.

Spend half or even less than half of the price in the central area of Auckland to buy a piece of land to build a dream home for yourself and your family, so as to realize the ideal of owning a new beautiful house.

Such a living environment can not be missed, and the seller is very eager to sell.

Living facilities are complete and shopping is convenient.

If it also attracts your attention, please contact us as soon as possible to make an appointment.

Convenient access to the city center and expressway.

1513 square meters of land currently belongs to the mixed housing suburban zone, and the time-consuming and hard work has been completed by the seller.

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Mtalbertgrammar school network (network information).

Close to St Luke shopping center, dominion Road, various Huayang shops.

Pukekohe is an important town in the south of Auckland.

The property is located in the middle of Sandringham Park and has the potential to be sold together.

There are many jungle trails and parks.

If required, design drawings and registered valuation reports can be provided.

It belongs to mixedhousingurbanzone and has segmentation potential.

With the existing resource license, it is divided into 6 construction sites (resourceconsentgrandfor6houses).

The future value-added space is unlimited.

However, this is still far from the historical record of 13.4 sets per 1000 residents in the year ended December 1973 nearly 50 years ago.


Bargain sale.

The previous peak was 4490 in August 2021.

Birkenhead is a very popular area on the north bank, close to highways and ferries shuttle between cities.

The indoor area ranges from 189 square meters to 250 square meters, both with double garages.

Close to Pukekohe town centre, shopping center, school, park, etc.

In the year ending November 2021, a total of 48522 new houses in New Zealand were licensed.

Two units have just been renovated recently.

Try to pocket it before Christmas# 822344birkenhead’s rare 1513 square meters of land is a rare opportunity.

It is surrounded by mature residential areas.

There are 4-bedroom design drawings for land 2 and 3, and 3-bedroom design drawings for land 4, 5 and 6.

This is up from 7.6 sets in the year to November 2020.

The land area is about 637 square meters.

There are many Chinese and Western restaurants and Huayang shops.

Loop Box

Heart, please act quickly# 820157 Pukekohe , 4 construction sites are sold together , 4 mature construction sites are listed and sold together.

Or investing in land is also a good choice# 818611 reminder: all customers who come to openhome must provide proof that they have been vaccinated twice and the corresponding ID with photos.

Please contact us immediately.

Compared with the year ending November 2020, this figure has increased by 26%.

Sandringham shopping center is within walking distance.

With the gradual improvement of various infrastructure, natural and beautiful living environment, and more importantly, relatively cheap real estate prices, Pukekohe has attracted a lot of ethnic groups in recent years, and the population has increased rapidly.

Everything is ready and can be developed immediately.

The annual rental return exceeds $71000.

The total floor area is 1158 square meters.

3 sets of 2-room homeunit, 2 sheds and 4 parking spaces.


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