The Party committee of Shijiazhuang construction section organized the sweep ceremony and party history education activities of the martyrs’

Although the rain continued, it could not stop the comrades from remembering the revolutionary martyrs.

Everyone said that they would take this study as an opportunity to learn the heroic spirit, stimulate the forward force, base on their posts, make steady progress, and promote the continuous development of railway transportation!.

On September 24, the Party committee of Shijiazhuang construction section organized more than 80 Party branch secretaries, new party members and activists to visit and study in the Shanxi Hebei Shandong Henan revolution memorial park to cherish the memory of revolutionary martyrs, revisit the extraordinary years and draw on the strength of progress.

In front of the memorial Tomb of the people’s heroes, all stood in silence, bowed, presented flower baskets, and extended high respect and infinite sorrow to the revolutionary martyrs.

He was from Liling, Hunan.

He was one of the senior general of the Communist Party of China who died during the war of resistance against Japan.

Generations of Communists sacrificed their precious lives to die generously for their ideals, brought us a peaceful and happy life, aroused everyone’s strong emotional resonance, and made the study and education of party history into our ears, minds and hearts.

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Visit general Zuo Quan Memorial Hall and learn about general Zuo Quan’s life.

Under the guidance of the commentator, we visited the martyr memorial tower and the people’s hero Memorial tomb.

The wonderful stage play vividly restored the era of war.

In the form of immersive performance, the party lesson shows the great moments of major historical nodes such as the founding of the Communist Party, the second domestic revolutionary war, the Red Army’s Long March and the war of resistance against Japan.

Everyone was deeply moved and applauded warmly.

Zuo Quan (1905-1942) was a Chinese proletarian revolutionist, strategist, senior general of the Chinese workers’ and peasants’ Red Army and the Eighth Route Army.

In the classroom, the performers vividly displayed the heroic deeds of revolutionary martyrs such as early Communist Guo Longzhen and Prince Qing, the hero of the fifth anti encirclement and suppression, Li Qingyun, the leader of the Anti Japanese War, Zuo Quan, with various artistic contents such as dance “on the Taihang Mountain”, sitcom “Li Qingyun” and “feelings of family and country”.

Zhu De praised him as “a rare talent in China’s military circles.” at the martyrs’ Memorial Hall, through the items displayed in the memorial hall and the vivid explanations of the commentators, we reproduced the arduous scenes and vivid revolutionary stories during the revolutionary war of resistance against Japan, so that the comrades deeply felt the blood and fire, love and tears, life and death, spirit and strength, faith and firmness of the Communists.

He once served as deputy chief of staff of the Eighth Route Army, chief of staff of the front headquarters of the Eighth Route Army and commander of the second column of the Eighth Route Army.

At the red culture education and communication center, watch the propaganda film “red monument”, the documentary “the family wish of a famous Chinese general” and the situational party lesson “sacrifice and ideal” brought by “Chuxin drama club”.


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