Come on! Look! People’s University building!

When it comes to the most profound memory of Minzu in my mind, I can see the landmark outside the school.

Various graphic examples of multiple nationalities introduce rich, detailed and detailed taste.

The aroma of wine is not afraid of the depth of the alley.

Work name: twilight 2 Creator: Xie FengHao Art Museum, The posture of central and South China is on the outside of the campus.

With its exquisite shape and tall name and geographical advantages, the art museum also has many fans.

As the brightest star of the people’s University of China, their popularity remains high.

The building itself is embellishment of life.

When night falls, the twin towers wear a golden coat like a lighthouse to point out the direction for the birds returning at night.

Every morning, the flood of bicycles will be diverted by half through the library.

Work name: Twilight Creator: Ma Jenny recommends reading “the most beautiful social scientist” Bai Guixi: take root in the field, seek hard, and keep your original heart.

There is no arrogance of high-rise buildings and no dynamic and lively modern buildings.

Does it look like a viewfinder frame to bring all the beauty into it? The purpose of art is to make you love life more and let the wind and waves beat your heart.

If you don’t go to the depths of the dense forest, it will be difficult to find this treasure.

Work name: viewfinder mind war: the people’s University art museum wants me to tell the Creator: Chen Haoran   Art has always come from life.

The most photos in the photo album of graduates leaving the school are probably the same.

Living in the prosperity is more attractive.

The cornices of the dormitory dream back to the modernization of the optical valley Concert Hall of the Tang Dynasty, playing the tune of the times.

There will be full harvest.

Picking chrysanthemum Dongli work name: a corner of the museum Creator: Li Shulian   Work name: Lin Li Creator: if Ma Jenny is lucky to visit, she will find that there is a hot heart hidden under its plain appearance.

Almost the first group photo of freshmen entering the school is left to him.

It only needs to show one or two handsome photos of the twin towers to attract praise.

PVC Chamfer

Name of work: Nanhu garden Creator: Ma Jenny work name: 02:00am Creator: Qiu Chan   Title: Twilight Creator: Jenny Ma   The past and present blend and complement each other in the people’s University.

The museum is as quiet and far away as the elderly.

Work name: peeping at the sky Creator: Kan Yi sits alone in the Yellow River.

Work name: lvpu Creator: Qiu Chan   Compared with the first two popular clock in buildings, the ethnology museum is like a hidden plot.

The twin towers are the magnificent Minzu Art Museum at night, or the antique ethnology museum with green tiles and white walls, or the bricks and tiles of Minzu have been deeply engraved in my mind.

It turns out that the bullies of people’s University take notes like this! The story of the team of National People’s University is full of solemn national flag red! Look! Today’s people’s University is red! Come on, prize collection order| When poetry meets the 70th anniversary of the National People’s University.

Work name: Painting Art Museum Creator: Liu Gongqing   In short, the art museum holds the key point and is a necessary place for the intersection of the north and the south.

The significance of the museum is to tell that the history is as light as tea.

The twin towers stand majestic.

Work name: Qing Creator: Zhao Hanqi   As the highest Library of colleges and universities in China, the book collection of the twin towers is also towering.

The name of the work: painting the twin towers Creator: Liu Gongqing   The South Lake is rippling with blue waves and tall buildings.

Someone asked about your school.

Walking with each building may be moved differently.

You can keep quiet and have eternal.

The four seasons are like spring.

Dujiangyan thinks highly of the “flood discharge” ability.

At the same time, they also point out the direction for the students sitting on the ground and standing against the wall in the museum.

The Art Museum has the same ability to attract attention as the twin towers.

The round building of the Academy of fine arts, which is rooted in the campus, is closer and more gentle.

Work name: somewhere in the National Museum 2 Creator: Xin Ran   Name of work: Min Bo corner Creator: Xie Feng in Min University, there are buildings of one kind or another, teaching buildings, canteens, dormitories…

People don’t know, The Museum of Ethnology can hear frogs when it is quiet near the water and birds when it is noisy.

The dome can see the blue sky and white clouds, the sun, moon, rain and snow.

Title: dusk Creator: Zhou Ting   The setting clouds fly together with the lonely ducks.

Meditation experience, you may find that the plaque of Nanhu garden has a taste.

This is the 2220 push of Central South University for nationalities.

The autumn water is the same as the two towers.


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