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Large area glass windows, wide view balconies and viewing bay windows are set to open up the field of vision and ventilation inside and outside the house, and can lead light into the room in a large area.

【3】 “I have a big house with large landing windows, and the sun shines on the floor and warms my quilt.” the natural light and shadow gradually changes, washing out the profound appeal.

In addition to acting as a basic protective barrier, it should also have the function of “breathing”, that is, permeability.

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It can adapt to the changes of external light and bring a comfortable and refreshing living experience; It can also keep the internal vision of the building open and the external landscape at a glance.

Schematic diagram [1] the mainstream of contemporary architecture believes that, from the perspective of bionics, the exterior wall of a building should be the same as human skin.

It can add a trace of romance to the house, especially for the house with good scenery around, and the glass window gives the scene of different seasons of life.

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The area involved is the construction area.

Schematic diagram Fengming Lanxi’s architectural habit of replacing walls with windows gives the building more light and shadow space.

Most people love the comfortable and refreshing architectural structure and are obsessed with the whirling of light and shadow and the rhythm of the breeze.

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The brilliance reflected in the sun leaps in the house, and the breeze flows into the indoor space, becoming a trace of the beauty of life.

A large proportion of windows and walls take the residents away from the restlessness of the city and integrate into the poetic and natural life.

Modern urban residents prefer a sense of transparency.

Schematic diagram [2] glass is the carrier of light, and light is the rhythm of glass.

The pure and transparent glass windows, transparent balconies and quiet floating windows make the architectural space light, transparent and rhythmic, and make the light, shadow and breeze become the decoration of the space.

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Light and shadow shuttle freely in the room, and the window skillfully transports the urban scenery in the distance and the good scenery of nearby rivers, which makes the ideal life easy to realize.

Wire Lifting Loop

The emergence of glass has a history of more than 4000 years.

Lanbao Fengming Lanxi in Jiangdong new area of free trade, pure plate building design, small high-rise and low-density living, and the living units are transparent from north to south to ensure the ventilation and daylighting of the houses.

In one world, the light and shadow are hazy, the time is slow, and comfort and comfort have become not only a natural life, but also a beautiful and ideal scene.

Whether in terms of practicability or aesthetics, it begins to show more possibilities.

Schematic diagram in the living space of lanbao Fengming Lanxi, you can view from the window, enjoy the suddenly open comfort, enjoy the sunshine infiltration and the warm subtropical climate around.


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