Official announcement! Fozuling subway station will build 3F commercial building on the station hall!

06 xujiapeng project is seamlessly connected to xujiapeng transfer station of metro lines 5, 7 and 8, 4f above ground and 1F underground.

At the same time of planning and construction, Wuhan rail transit has done a good job in business planning, combined with rail transit construction and operation, carried out intensive and comprehensive land development, improved the utilization efficiency of land resources and various resources, and explored a development path of “Subway + property” and “Subway + industry” with Wuhan characteristics.

The eight TOD projects of Wuhan Metro have started investment attraction.

Important information recommendation: the most complete carpooling group in Hubei Province! Collection of carpooling groups away from and back to Han on New Year’s day in 2022 (with price reference) I believe everyone has been swiped by the good news of Wuhan Metro these days ~ there is also good news for the project of rapid development of subway line construction and surrounding facilities! It’s coming.

By the end of 2020, more than 20 cities have operated TOD projects and more than 30 cities are under construction or planning TOD projects.

Wuhan Metro has launched eight TOD projects, integrating the functions of work, commerce, culture, education and residence, and opening the “Station City integration” life of Metro people.

It’s coming with the project.

See if there are any stations near your home.

At present, Starbucks, KFC, Yongwang supermarket, Hutou Bureau, Naixue tea and other well-known brands intend to settle in.

03 Huangpu Road project is close to Huangpu Road, the transfer station of metro lines 1 and 8.

Figure source: what is TOD in Wuhan Municipal Bureau of Commerce? The so-called TOD refers to the urban complex built with subway, light rail and other public transport stations as the core, integrating work, commerce, culture, education and residence, facilitating passengers to travel by bus, walking, bicycle and other means, and opening the project of “Station City integration” life of subway people.

The eight projects are close to the key stations of Wuhan rail transit and are the core of relevant regions.

It is located in Yongqing district.

Cast In Loop

Recently, Wuhan Metro Group has focused on promoting Sanyang Road, Qinyuan Road, Huangpu Road, Zhao jiatiao There are eight key TOD projects such as AVIC jiedaokou, xujiapeng, fozuling and Gedi lake.

18F, 4-18f above the ground are planned as service apartments and 1-3F are planned as supporting businesses.

If you have other questions you don’t understand,.

So far, the total area of TOD of Wuhan Metro has reached 1.41 million square meters, and the urban comprehensive operation capacity has been further improved.

On the 17th, Wushang group, China Resources Vientiane life, Joy City, Longhu and Yinli signed a contract with Wuhan Metro to become a strategic partner.

Photo network-40032414405 AVIC jiejiejiekou project connects the jiejiekou station of metro lines 2 and 8.

Photographic network_ 50128813501 Sanyang road project is close to Sanyang Road station, the transfer station of metro lines 1 and 7.

Photographic network_ 500299444 let’s continue to look at the project details of these sites! Details of the eight TOD projects Wuhan Metro launched the eight projects this time, with a total area of about 640000 square meters, including three projects of Sanyang Road, Qinyuan road and xujiapeng, which are the first-line Yangtze River riverside high-end business TOD projects, and five projects of Huangpu Road, zhaojiatiao, gedihu, fozuling and AVIC Street crossing, which are the collection of urban business center, transportation center Tod Benchmarking Project in urban area integrating future center and education center.

In recent years, with the rapid development of rail transit in China, Tod has become the preferred development mode for rail transit construction in major metro cities.

Photographic network_ 500597887 well-known enterprises have signed a number of brand merchants and intend to settle in.

02 zhaojiatiao project is seamlessly connected with the station hall of zhaojiatiao station of metro lines 3 and 8, including one 43F office building and business hotel, and a 6-storey podium building.

1-23f is planned as office, and 25-35f is planned as hotel and its supporting facilities.

It is planned to build a 46F class A office building in phase I, a 36F apartment and hotel in phase II, a 5F podium commercial building and an underground 3F parking lot.

04 Qinyuan road project covers the transfer station of metro lines 5, 7 and 8.

Through “Subway + property” and other development and operation modes, improve self “hematopoietic” ability and realize profitability.

07 fozuling project is seamlessly connected to fozuling station of line 2, and 3F commercial building is covered on the station hall.

08 Gedi Lake project is close to Fuxing Road Station of metro lines 4 and 5, community podium commercial building, 4f above ground and 2F underground parking lot.

It is planned to have a 46F class A office building, a 45F office building and star hotel in phase II, and a 6-storey podium commercial building.


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