How do construction robots build houses? “Copy homework” everywhere

From the current situation, each construction robot has increased its construction efficiency by two to three times compared with the original one, which may be further improved in the future.

With the continuous integration of informatization and industrialization, the intelligent industry represented by robot technology is booming, which has become an important symbol of scientific and technological innovation in the times.

In the construction industry, the overall level of global intelligent construction is still in its infancy; Japan, Australia, South Korea, the United States and other developed countries still focus on single point R & D and small batch trial.

In early February this year, Fengtong garden, the first commercial application project of bozhilin construction robot, was approved as an intelligent construction pilot project by the Ministry of housing and urban rural development.

With the joint efforts of construction robot + BIM system + prefabricated construction, bozhilin is now building a life-cycle intelligent construction system.

With the support of the BIM system developed by bozhilin, each process of robot participation in construction is under control.

“At present, there are many kinds of robots entering the construction site, such as floor cleaning robot, measuring robot, ground leveling robot, concrete inner wall grinding and ceiling grinding robot, intelligent construction elevator, intelligent follow-up distributor, etc.” in Liang Hengfeng’s view, the changes brought by machines to the construction site are first reflected in safety, high efficiency High quality, etc.

For the fine dust falling on the ground during the polishing process, the floor cleaning robot will also go out according to the instructions, and the two brush discs cooperate with the dust collection module to quickly clean the dust.

At present, bozhilin is carrying out the engineering practice of multi machine linkage to explore the highly automatic cooperation scenarios and applications of robots: for example, how to cooperate with intelligent follow-up distributor and ground leveling robot to realize intelligent construction; The floor cleaning robot takes the intelligent construction elevator and realizes the functions of automatic cleaning, automatic obstacle stopping, automatic positioning and navigation on the operation site.

The floor cleaning robot also automatically plans the path and automatically identifies obstacles.

The floor grinding robot enters the basement of Shanxi Datong country garden project, and the wiping robot operates in Guangzhou Baiyun station project of China Railway Construction Engineering Group.

Moreover, the grinding efficiency is high, about twice that of manual grinding *.

Traditional manual operation, man-machine cooperation and intelligent operation are in another part of the building.

Workers need to climb up and down with hand-held grinding tools for construction, but if the robot, it can automatically complete the work by directly setting the planned path with the flat terminal, and the operator can also keep away from the safe distance to control the robot.” The operators are operating the robot to start the interior wall polishing work.

As of mid September, bozhilin construction robot has played a role in nearly 120 project sites in 18 provinces across the country, with a cumulative application and construction of more than 4 million square meters.

As a technician in the intelligent construction industry, Liang Hengfeng is mainly responsible for the operation and maintenance of robot equipment to ensure the normal operation of robots on the construction site.

On the top floor of each building on the site, the intelligent follow-up distributor is carrying out the pouring work.

It is the general trend of the development of China’s construction industry to move from “built in China” to “made in China”.

The measurement data issued is an important basis for workers and robots to polish.

Now, bozhilin’s intelligent construction experience is being “operated” and “copied” all over the country.

When someone passes nearby or there are other obstacles nearby, the robot will automatically send voice prompts and bypass the obstacles; The overall work efficiency can reach three times that of traditional labor *.

The floor cleaning robot performs cleaning operation.

During the distribution operation of the intelligent follow-up distributor, the intelligent construction elevator is operating up and down, and the man-machine operation takes advantage of the intelligent channel to carry out multi floor coordination and linkage operation.

“Take the wall grinding process as an example.

At present, accelerating the deep integration of digitization, intelligence and construction site and promoting the upgrading of traditional construction methods will become a powerful push for the modernization of China’s construction industry into the “fast lane”.

It can be said that the entry of construction robots has transformed the construction site from the traditional pure human work industry to the collaborative construction of people and robots, which has greatly improved the construction efficiency.

(* data from bozhilin laboratory) edited by: CICI reviewed by: Ruby..

Zengcheng Shitan Xiantang project Zengcheng Shitan Xiantang project, “copy operation” expert! As the first application of construction robot in Guangzhou, country garden Zengcheng Shitan Xiantang project is now performing a hot man-machine cooperation operation on the construction site.

A measuring robot is busy generating reports and completing the measurement of a single room in two minutes.

The new construction system provides escort, quality and speed for the construction site.

After the operator sends the direction command, the distributor automatically controls the motor to drive the combined movement of the large and small arms of the distributor through intelligent algorithm analysis, so as to realize the purpose of moving the discharge port to the appropriate position.

In this “practice field”, a large number of bozhilin construction robots are applied and participate in the actual construction process.

But this time it seems a little different – the polishing effect is still good, but there is no dust rippling “movie picture”.

The automatic measurement results are objective and accurate.

  Building 3 of Shitan Xiantang project in Zengcheng has completed the full cycle application of capping.

Five months after “Fengtong garden project” was selected into the first batch of replicable experience list of intelligent construction by the Ministry of housing and urban rural development, on July 28 this year, Fengtong garden project has two experience practices of “measurement robot and intelligent measurement tool” and “construction robot and intelligent engineering machinery and equipment” It was selected into the list of the first batch of replicable experience and practices for the coordinated development of intelligent construction and new building industrialization of the Ministry of housing and urban rural development, which laid a beautiful sample for the process of intelligent construction in the whole industry.

Traditional manual operation, human-computer cooperation and intelligent operation, the dust collection device of the concrete ceiling polishing robot collects a large amount of dust generated in the polishing process in real time, which not only avoids the potential safety hazards under low visibility, but also minimizes the risk of occupational diseases of construction workers, such as high-altitude, cervical occupational diseases Health risks such as dust inhalation have also been fundamentally improved.

How to realize the application of intelligent building robot with full-cycle and systematic application is the goal that bozhilin is tackling.

Flat Steel Anchor

The 9th floor of one building under construction is polishing the concrete ceiling.

The grinding plate of the concrete ceiling polishing robot grinder works close to the ceiling wall, and the wall has changed from rough to smooth and beautiful.

During the operation of concrete ceiling polishing robot, a large amount of dust will be scattered in the previous ceiling polishing process, and thick dust will be left on the ground after operation.

Compared with the traditional cloth environment, this equipment avoids the safety risk caused by multi person cooperative construction errors; Compared with the traditional distributor operation, it can reduce 2 operators *; There is also an automatic cloth function to choose from.

If the dust mask is not worn, the workers may be choked and unable to breathe.

The ultimate goal is to make robots work like assembly lines on complex construction sites through scientific laying of construction processes, so as to give play to the cluster effect, so as to improve the safety and quality level and innovate the production mode of the construction industry; Let “build a house like a car” become a reality.

Workers in intelligent construction industry operate computers and construction robots carry out “assembly line” construction, such as concrete construction robots for cloth distribution, ground leveling and troweling; Finishing robots Polish interior walls and ceilings; Wall construction robots participate in spraying, wallpaper paving and other processes.

Ceiling polishing is a health hazard faced by traditional manual operation.


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