The old building in Wuhan is going to be on fire!

On this Soviet style building, flowers from ancient China are wonderful.

/ / at 19:30 tonight, the first performance of Wuhan theater after the replay will meet you.

Large windows, gates and solid columns create a solemn and elegant temperament.

In 2019, cat, one of the four major musical dramas in the world It was grandly staged here.

In addition to the above visible changes, there are some details that you can’t see but significantly improve the performance experience.

The rows of small holes directly below the seats can also play a certain sound processing effect.

   Nan photography | Liao Chenyang (some pictures provided by Wuhan theater) design | small    We have prepared 30 tickets for the performance of the Cantonese Opera “red turban” at 19:30 on Wednesday to 15 readers, 2 for each, and sent them to the “theater” to the “Wuhan Municipal Bureau of culture and tourism” WeChat official account dialog box draws the way of raffle tiktok to review Review to Wuhan to go to university.

In 2008, Wuhan theater was listed as an excellent historical building in Wuhan, and later it was designated as a municipal cultural relics protection unit.

In addition to the wonderful performance, you may not expect that Wuhan theater has another important identity – it is the political assembly center of Wuhan city and the main venue of the two sessions of Wuhan National People’s Congress and CPPCC in recent years.

Cast In Loop

   The leather seats in the theater are customized and replaced as they are.

Are you ready to keep the appointment in such a romantic early autumn? The address of Wuhan theater is 1012 Jiefang Avenue, Jiang’an District (opposite the Municipal Youth Palace) Telephone 027-82802188 purchase please pay attention to the “Wuhan Theatre” official account, click on the menu bar, “ticket purchase”, Ceng Xiaomin, Guangdong opera national tour, WuHan Railway Station, I am Ceng Xiaomin, “drama” said symphony concert September 6th, 19:3080/100/180/280 Ceng Xiaomin, Guangdong opera national tour, WuHan Railway Station Guangdong opera “red scarf” September 8th Wednesday 19:3080/100/180/280 editor Nan Nan.

Please look forward to it.

Since it is a cultural relic, it can’t be changed at will.

The landmarks of the former drama wharf are gathered at one stop.

Ulanova, a meritorious dancer of the former Soviet Union, can be called the “ballet dream team” In 2008, the famous director Lai Shengchuan’s stage play “secret love for the Peach Blossom Land” was published The first time I came to Wuhan to perform, I chose Wuhan theater.

   In the middle of the top of the theater, there is the party emblem and Red Star symbolizing the Soviet regime at that time.

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It is the first large theater built in Wuhan after the founding of the people’s Republic of China.

Wuhan theater, an old friend of Wuhan people for 62 years, you may have seen the performance many years ago, or you may have looked at the sculpture of Chairman Mao in front of the theater for a long time when passing Jiefang Avenue.

After a year’s absence, the lights of Wuhan theater are finally on again, and the notes are about to flow in the night.

Old friends have a new face.

At the door of their home, Wuhan people heard the classic episode “memory” that resounded all over the world and enjoyed a dreamy cat dance.

His first feeling was that the overall change was not big.

Not only the architecture records the times, but also the performances in the past 62 years, but also the expansion of the imagination of several generations in the art world.

On the side of the theater, there are Chinese octagonal pavilions and carved stone railings, which are typical elements often seen in classical gardens.

Yesterday, Wen Lvjun visited the class in advance.

   The courtyard has set up a clock in area “neon theater”: Star Theater, Meicheng theater, Hankou grand stage…

   Zeng Xiaomin, President of Guangdong Cantonese Opera Theater, national first-class actor, winner of Wenhua performance award and Chinese Drama Plum Blossom award.

Wuhan theater was built in 1959.

First of all, let’s focus on you: Zeng Xiaomin, starring in the popular Cantonese Opera Film “Legend of the White Snake · love”, will join hands with Hubei Symphony Orchestra to bring surprises.

At a glance, the whole building is axisymmetric, with strong and concise lines.

Premier Zhou Enlai came to Wuhan to watch Oriental red , it’s here.

The All-Star lineup composed of Huang Lei, Sun Li, he Jiong and Xie Na created a grand occasion in which one ticket was hard to find.

   In 2015, Wuhan theater was designated by Hubei provincial government as the “designated place for meetings of Party and government organs”.

Wuhan theater is also an integrated building.

“Wuhan theater is back.

The audience can “roll the cat on the spot” and dance hand in hand with the rock cat.

   Chairman Mao’s sculpture was washed and whitewashed by a specially assigned person.

It premieres tonight 🏛 Tonight, the Wuhan theater, which took a year to complete the transformation, finally returns.

This kind of dream experience is really rare.

With the ingenious integration of these Chinese inspirations, Wuhan theater is on the grand stage In addition, it is more beautiful and flexible.

  The stage of the theater has been transformed and extended to the audience.

After the opening of the performance, there were still fans gathered outside the theater and were reluctant to leave for a long time.

In addition to the strong and concise Soviet style architecture, there are also Chinese style shadows.

Now, it’s time to know it again.19 In October, 59, Wuhan theater was built on Jiefang Avenue, which became the bright urban scenery of Wuhan in that year.

The memory of the 1950s is solidified in the shining pentagonal red star.

The old buildings were repaired as old as before, focusing on protection and repair; the biggest change was in the courtyard, with a new luminous clock in area; in the theater The acoustic transformation of the Department will significantly improve the performance experience.

   The roads in the courtyard are newly paved with asphalt, with newly planted plum trees and evening cherry trees on both sides, and the parking spaces are also re planned.

For example, the column of the theater gate adopts the design of Chinese archway on the top, carved with flowers The outer wall of the theater is carved with vine patterns, lotus flowers and Camellia patterns.


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