Academician he Jingtang: buildings should be grounded!

I am grateful to the society for giving me the opportunity and my students for helping me.

  Everyone has a different understanding of the China Pavilion, some from the perspective of humanization, some from the perspective of national strategy, and what do you think? An academician of engineering is not a building with a false reputation, not an architect’s sculpture.

▲   Some netizens commented that the volume of the China Pavilion is seriously unbalanced.

If you know more about this architectural Spring Festival Gala, you might as well.

Their team extracted the form of beam and column frame from Chinese traditional architecture and combined it with the form of tripod, a representative cultural relic of China, to finally show the current effect.

Prop Shuttering

▲   Academician he, whose debut is the peak of his appearance, as netizens said: the reason why a master is a master is not how perfect his architecture is, but whether his works have had an impact on the development of the architectural industry.

Among them, the most heated discussion is academician he’s work in his peak period – China Pavilion.

It can be seen how high academician he Jingtang’s position in the architectural circle is.

Academician he said: although everyone’s understanding was different, they understood things and things with the same direction – China, which is the building grounded in gas.

Academician he believes that this project is a symbol of national culture, and the project with large quantities, short time and a total area of 160000 square meters should be completed in just three years.

The China Pavilion itself is to show China’s science and technology and strength at the exhibition and let the world know Chinese culture.

The best embodiment of this soul was the China Pavilion of the Shanghai World Expo at that time.

Or plagiarism and laziness.

Whether it is success or failure, let’s have a look.

Some people say that academician he Jingtang’s works are single and can not keep up with the pace of the times.

Academician of Chinese Academy of engineering, Dean of School of architecture and Design Institute of South China University of technology, national chartered first-class registered architect, architectural design and theory expert, vice president of China Architecture society.

  ▲   China Pavilion of Shanghai World Expo   © Academician he Team China Pavilion, is it a success or a failure? Academician he Jingtang once said in the “let’s talk” program that buildings are grounded, which is inseparable from the local environment, local climate and local culture.

Back in April 2007, the state decided that the China Pavilion would invite bids from Chinese around the world.

At that time, when the project was just completed, some people said that it was like a granary and a bucket arch.

▲   China Pavilion of Dubai World Expo via: academician he’s team, but some people think that compared with some fancy architects in China, academician he’s works are much more practical.

And his works have peaks and compromises.

The titles of member of the discipline review group of the academic degree committee of the State Council, director of the academic committee of educational architecture of China Architectural Society, vice chairman of Guangdong Association for science and technology, President of Guangdong Association of certified architects and so on are enough to prove.

Although the original intention of the design is so grand, netizens don’t seem to buy it.

▲ China (Hainan) Nanhai Museum © Recently, in the architectural design and Research Institute of South China University of technology, academician he and other architectural leaders delivered some latest research results in the new year’s architectural speech.

  At the end of the article, a video collection of cross year lectures on architectural frontiers is attached   Academician he has different opinions, but if you search on Zhihu, you will find that everyone has different opinions on him.

▲ phase III expansion project of memorial hall for compatriots killed in Nanjing Massacre of Japanese invaders © In an interview with the Institute of architectural design and research of South China University of technology, academician he said: “you can’t build by yourself.

People in Sichuan felt like a hot pot and a mahjong table…

The highest level of architecture is culture, which is the soul of architecture.

▲ phase III expansion project of memorial hall for compatriots killed in Nanjing Massacre of Japanese invaders © The architectural design and Research Institute of South China University of technology once said in China’s professional field: Architecture he Jingtang, piano Li Yundi.

A total of 344 schemes participated in the bidding, and he Jingtang team won the final bid.

If everyone says it looks like the same thing, it doesn’t represent China.

  ▲   Studio via with original architectural appearance: academician he’s team.

Of course, some netizens think so.

I teach them architecture and they make me young.” he basically spent most of his life doing design research and teaching and educating people.

Moreover, the intention of “Oriental Crown” is to play a leading role in many national pavilions and highlight the status of the host.

Academician he shared his views and experience on how architecture embodies regionality, modernity and culture.

I have a group of very good students.

We often see more and more factors, such as the interference of the owner, the interference of the government and so on.

Or arrogance.


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