The innovation of architecture is a story of creating a new definition

It is changing with the torrent of the times and different living needs, from ancient architecture to modern architecture, from wood structure to today’s reinforced concrete, which is not only the track of technological development, but also the brand of the progress of the times.

It is a category created by the tank brand in the hardline car market.

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With the addition of geometric straight lines, large-area glass, concrete and other materials, the building has more possibilities.

During this trip, the tank 300 can cope with any road conditions freely.

This is tank 300.

There are beautiful scenery and modern urban scale.

In addition, more importantly, as a hardline trendy product, it integrates intelligence, comfort and trend, completely breaking through the limitations of other competitive products in the hardline car industry.

It is suggested to watch in Wi Fi environment.

However, this is a small case for the urban version of tank 300.

They have become the footnotes of every great change of cultural thought and tell us the stories of different times.

From the whole to the details, there is basically no authentic “rules” of western style to follow, and the decoration even has the artdeco style of the 1920s and 1930s.

The works of the famous architect Zaha Hadid in Guangzhou and Changsha are just like this.

The modernist design led by Bauhaus has laid the rudiment of modern architecture.

This time, we followed the pace of tank 300 and saw the changes of Chinese architectural aesthetic culture in the buildings along the way.

Our lives are constantly changing, and so are our surroundings.

They have witnessed the changes of the times and the transformation of science and technology, but they still maintain their original appearance and stand calmly in place.

The tank 300 is also constantly breaking through itself and redefining the category of hard core SUV through reform and innovation.

In the form of relay between the north and South lines, it has traveled more than 10000 miles across more than 30 cities in the north and south of the motherland.

It is said that the autumn list of the Ming Dynasty was announced before, and the singing of the five classics was the first here, so it is called “Sutra singing building”.

For architecture, change has always been the key word.

The whole building is a local variant of Nanyang style.

The inherent impression of most people on car models is that those who are good at cross-country are not suitable for commuting, and those who are suitable for commuting can’t run in the wild at all.

Frame structure is an important feature of ancient Chinese architecture.

Lifting Anchor

At the same time, it also derived organic modernism and outlined the modeling with bionic characteristics with curves.

“Wall falling and house not falling” refers to the structural characteristics of this kind of architecture, which is stable, reliable, flexible and decorative at the same time.

Create a new definition with innovation.

It’s not uncommon for a good off-road vehicle to fascinate men, but at the same time, it can have a large number of female users, which I’m afraid only tank 300 can do.

The chanting building was built in the Ming Dynasty and later rebuilt in the Qing Dynasty, but the main architectural style still retains the rigorous double-layer wooden structure of the Ming Dynasty.

At the same time, it has two elements of “off-road” and “city”, which completely covers the life scene.

Architecture is the permanent business card of every city.

In September this year, tank 300, as a hardline trendy product, started a two-month trip to make waves.

The seven driving modes of the tank 300 urban version realize diversified coverage of the vehicle scene, which covers roads, paved roads, asphalt roads, cement roads, hard roads covered with a small amount of ice and snow, slippery roads such as light snow, ice, grass and gravel, muddy roads, dry and soft roads such as Gobi or desert cross-country, as well as working conditions such as steep slope climbing and vehicle rescue.

In the interior, the tank 300 changes the “simplicity” of hard core off-road vehicles in the past, and puts nappa leather seats comparable to luxury brands, executive NVH quiet enjoyment, infinity surround sound and dual temperature zone automatic air conditioning in a hard core SUV with non load-bearing body professional off-road chassis, so that you can enjoy real luxury and comfort while off-road with hard core.

During the tank 300 tide making trip, we saw the changes of the city and the continuous growth of the country.

The real modern architecture began to blossom everywhere in China in the past 20 years.

Round lights, square box body design, expanded wheel eyebrows and…

Full of retro style and full of trend.

As an ancient civilization with a history of 5000 years, Chinese ancient architecture has high aesthetic value.

The existing buildings are mainly chanting buildings, which are combined by the main hall, spring and autumn building and corridor, and the plane layout is in the shape of “I”.

This breadth and inclusiveness is reflected in its various driving modes.

The seemingly impossible architecture is structured into reality with contemporary technology, so that the architecture is endowed with a sense of sculpture and artistry.

This kind of building from Southeast Asia is a typical corridor building.

Similarly, the tank 300, which continues to realize its own innovation and change, is also changing the category of SUV and redefining the attributes of hardline off-road vehicles through its own strength.

Take Taiyuan Sutra singing building as an example.

In modern times, with the continuous enhancement of the commercial attribute of the building itself, a building with Nanyang style appeared in South China led by Guangzhou, that is, the arcade.

Use tank 300 to travel across the vast land of China.


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