Exclusive probe! The original architecture can be so subversive

There are exquisite carving pens everywhere.

From the first floor to the third floor, each space has 2-3 floor lighting Surface to introduce sufficient light into the room| Scenario diagram (photo source: visual China, authorized) detail 2: the interior and exterior echo each other, and there are holes inside.

Surrounded by nature, the originally agitated heart has gradually calmed down, and there are willows and flowers, Finally, we arrived in front of the [yingyueli] building.

The sense of ceremony, privacy and dignity are all displayed incisively and vividly in this corner of the world· See the collision between modern and classical works, which gives life to space, The subversion of [yingyueli] has already started when you step into the garden.

Detail 1: it has both Lingnan style and modern transparent daylighting appearance, The main colors of the buildings in yingyueli are dark coffee and light beige.

Outsiders can’t directly peep into the innermost buildings.

The inner space is changeable.

Then when you walk into its architectural space, you will understand that subversion is not only about the surface, but also about giving life to the space.

The significance to Chinese people lies not only in the leisurely nature of owning a place, but also in the social significance of this space.

The common low-density products on the market are like neatly stacking several square boxes together, which has a sense of order, but poor privacy and strong sense of enclosure; some multi-storey buildings stack 3-5 households together, greatly reducing the sense of quality and showing chicken ribs.

To achieve real private enjoyment and dignity, there must be no lack of courtyards.

Between a few turns, you will find that the impact of the environment on people is really subtle.

This is a very special garden, which is different from the community garden you can see in the market.

The city construction is awesome, and many dishes are in uniform.

From the territory of shallow grass to the inner lane, it advances layer by layer, forming a triple ritual sequence of square door, Lane door and courtyard door, combined with the triple platform stacking height.

The subversion of [yingyueli] lies in the following four points: position C in the city core + ultra-low density, which is an open and broad space that is hard to find by Guangfo; triple garden + line of sight planning, which is the ultimate privacy created by heavy industry; super large garden + three terraces, which is a natural blend of people without me; ingenious work + homogeneous living, which is a noble experience that is extremely difficult to reproduce.

However, the windows of Lingnan style buildings are generally very small.

The roof has a sloping eaves with Lingnan characteristics, which can better drain the rainwater on the roof and protect the wall.

| scenario diagram (source: Vision China, authorized) you can’t see the buildings at the first time here.

Wire Lifting Loop

Each building here has a large open-air garden with considerable scale, which can be set up The tree view and water view you like will become a natural indoor background wall.

The path here is winding, quite like the “step-by-step scenery” of Lingnan Garden.

Because the whole building area is much higher than the garden, you can overlook the road when you came here, but the pedestrians on the road can’t see you| The effect drawing of the project goes in from the lane door, and several welcome lamps are installed at an equal distance.

You can also place outdoor furniture.

If I tell you that yingyue new town still hides a number of subversive low-density products, are you surprised? Are you curious? Well informed Kung Fu Jun learned that among the top market yingyue Lake poly Tianjun in the region, There are a group called The new low-density products in [yingyueli] are so different from each other in design, landscape and presentation.

Each step is a new world and has a great sense of respect.

There are unique doors and courts.

If you plant flowers and deciduous plants, you can have pictures of different colors in four seasons.

Two rows of hydrangeas in full bloom are spread in front of the gate.

The moving line design of the shallow grass land is similar to the modern landscape The landscape design is different from the horizontal and vertical.

The following four design details are very illustrative Question.

Kungfu Jun didn’t expect that there was such a paradise, a poetic and romantic garden beside yingyue lake, which will be built Hidden in nature.

Kungfu Jun believes that the architecture here integrates the advantages of modern atmosphere, simplicity and Chinese classical elegance.

There is more than enough space to meet friends to hold tea parties and parent-child days| The project effect drawing is an excellent building, and the connection between indoor and outdoor is particularly important.

If you want to reach the core area of yingyueli, you must first cross the shallow grass.

When you enter it, the three-story platform is surrounded by it, and the architectural appearance is quiet It is quiet and beautiful.

In front of us is the indomitable 2m ultra wide double door, with the dignity of a large family.

There are places and days.

The naming of the lanes is based on the theme of “yingyue”.

so to speak, [yingyue Li] it shows poly’s thinking and presentation of the ideal residence in South China and Wuhan Urban Construction in an all-round way.

There are orange daisies, light purple hydrangeas and golden Dogtail grass along the road.

Today, Kungfu Jun takes you to find out! | project effect drawing · seeing heaven and earth · hidden in nature, surrounded by triple three-dimensional gardens.

| the project renderings.

This year is the year of high light in the new moon city.

There are undulating slopes along the road.

The color is elegant, and the breeze blows and sways.

| schematic diagram of the scene (source: visual China, authorized) here, referring to the system of ancient neighborhoods, we created “three lanes and eighteen lanes”.

There are trees and bamboo partitions in the middle and upper part of the line of sight, and there are layered shrubs in the middle and lower part of the line of sight, forming a natural line of sight barrier from top to bottom.

The overall color matching is simple and simple.

The first floor space has a large French window, which can perfectly integrate the outdoor scenery into the interior.

Kung Fu Jun visited Junyi square, which includes “Dan GUI, GUI Hui, Yue GUI, GUI soul, GUI Lun and GUI Que” The six roadways, located in the center of the innermost side of the whole project, are the most quiet and noble| With the deepening of the project renderings, you will naturally feel that the progressive approach of the project to space and architecture is really exquisite.

In the interior, sufficient natural open space is reserved, which can shape the sunken courtyard according to the owner’s preference, create green planting wall and embed small pool to form a unique “cornucopia”..

The project has made a breakthrough in integrating modern floor glass windows.


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