[jianjiantong] thousands of construction enterprises were notified because of lack of certificates. Why did the constructor “no one wants”

On the other hand, the temporary practice certificate of constructor was cancelled, and a series of reforms were carried out on the practice certificate.

Jinan, Shandong: 46 enterprises were found not to meet the requirements of qualification standards and rectified within a time limit.

In this context, there is a strange phenomenon: on the one hand, some people keep shouting that the Constructor Certificate is ashes at home, on the other hand, the construction enterprises are ordered to rectify because of the insufficient allocation of constructors.

According to the official notification, the most frequent problem is the insufficient number of personnel indicators – constructors and technical directors, and even some enterprise constructors are 0.

If we ignore the Tucao factor, the underlying reason is that with the increase of supervision, some enterprises who want to make complaints about their illegal operations will not be hidden in the future..

From the current market: Taking the specific situation of the first construction registration in the first three quarters of this year as an example, the number of first construction registrations in China in the first three quarters of 2021 is more than 490000.

These enterprises now account for more than 90%.

In principle, all qualification levels will be reduced to level a and level B, and some qualifications have only one level.

Order them to make corrections within a time limit and announce to the public that the maximum period of rectification shall not exceed 3 months.

In the current qualification system, level I and level II qualifications require performance, and level III requires the number of constructors.

In fact, there are many news that enterprises are ordered to rectify due to the lack of constructors.

We can see that this reform has changed the minimum access threshold.

After the reform, class A enterprises are expected to pay more attention to performance, Class B enterprise (Level 2 + Level 3) requires the number of constructors.

According to preliminary statistics, at least more than 1000 enterprises have been notified, and some enterprises have been withdrawn.


Wenzhou, Zhejiang: the city’s construction enterprises were dynamically verified, and 633 enterprises were required to rectify within a time limit.

What is the core problem? 1.


With the steady promotion of the dynamic supervision platform of the construction industry, the insufficient allocation of constructors in many construction enterprises will be found in a very short time.

Why do they still lack certificates now? Then look down: does the market demand for builders increase or decrease? First of all, the conclusion is that the market demand for builders must be increasing in the future.

Seeing here, some friends will say that the current regulations on the qualification management of construction enterprises are less strict on the number of constructors, and their certificates have not been registered for a long time.

With the introduction and implementation of the reform plan, the original level II and level III qualifications are merged into level B qualifications.

Under the background of the same period, China’s overall construction The number of employees in construction enterprises and construction enterprises are as follows: on average, there is only one first-class constructor in every 90 employees of construction enterprises.

3 Level qualified enterprises will benefit the most.

Shanxi Provincial Department of housing and urban rural development: in the qualification supervision, it was found that the construction qualification of 305 enterprises did not meet the requirements of qualification standards, and rectification was carried out immediately.

Now, the above-mentioned enterprises are ordered to make rectification according to the requirements of the qualification standards for construction enterprises before December 30, 2021.

With regard to the impact of this reform, let’s briefly recall: 1) the access threshold is reduced.

The initial number of registrations is more than 110000, accounting for about 22%.

105 construction enterprises in Beijing were informed of the lack of constructors.

At a time when the State encourages employment with certificates and China’s economy and infrastructure are developing rapidly, such quantity allocation must be far from enough.

2) small enterprises will benefit, and the impact of the booming market on enterprises will affect industry practitioners.

In addition, Shandong, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Hubei, Fujian and other provinces have also successively started dynamic qualification verification and post qualification verification.

1、 From the perspective of policy (mainly analyzing the qualification reform mentioned above): the reform plan for qualification management system of construction engineering enterprises was deliberated and adopted at the executive meeting of the State Council last November The qualification levels and categories of construction enterprises will be greatly reduced: after the reform, the existing 593 enterprise qualification categories and levels will be reduced to 245.

The above enterprises were ordered to make corrections within a time limit for three months.

The existing qualification certificate registration of the enterprise remains unchanged (the lowest level will be renewed with class B qualification certificate), and relaxing the scope of business contracted by some qualifications is very good for small and medium-sized enterprises, which is conducive to the incubation and growth of enterprises and promote the healthy development of the construction industry.

At the same time, the combination of qualifications is not equivalent to liberalizing the requirements for the number of constructors.

During the rectification period, they were not allowed to undertake new projects It is not allowed to apply for qualification upgrading and addition.

On the one hand, it has adjusted the qualification framework, greatly reduced the qualification category and grade of enterprises, and strengthened the qualification examination of construction enterprises.

3) The demand for the number of constructors is expected.

From this point of view, the demand for the number of constructors will increase.

The housing and Urban Rural Development Commission of Mentougou District of Beijing issued an announcement: 105 enterprises were seriously lack of registered constructors after obtaining the qualification of construction enterprises and no longer meet the requirements of corresponding qualification standards.

Hubei: cancel the corresponding construction enterprise qualification of 42 enterprises.

Of course, there may be some changes in the data this year, but the market demand for constructor certificates should be increasing.

During the rectification period, it is not allowed to apply for the upgrading and addition of the qualification of construction enterprises, and it is not allowed to contract new projects.

281 construction enterprises in Sichuan were informed of the lack of Constructor Certificate, and the Department of housing and urban rural development of Sichuan Province issued a notice ordering 281 enterprises to make rectification within a time limit.

Construction communication media ID: jianzhong001 in recent years, the engineering industry has made frequent reforms.

Fixing Socket Waved End

If it still fails to meet the requirements of the specified qualification standards after the expiration of the rectification period, the authority will withdraw the corresponding qualification according to law.

Taiyuan, Shanxi: 944 construction qualifications of 298 enterprises were found not to meet the requirements of qualification standards, and rectification within a time limit.

Therefore, when the access threshold is lowered and the scope of projects that can be undertaken after the reform is increased, the demand for constructor certificates will increase.

For many friends, their own certificates are “no one wants”.

If it does not change within the time limit, the corresponding qualification will be withdrawn according to law.


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