The “inner volume” of the architectural design industry has been so serious?!

Among many first-class design teams, they can’t even be shortlisted without the title of Pritzker.

I can compete with my peers! Liu is always the general manager of a well-known architectural design company in Shanghai.

” This cannot be denied“ Constant bidding also gives us more opportunities to contact and understand customers, honing and improving the combat effectiveness of our team! ”   If you meet such an opponent, what should you do? 3.

In foreign countries, each architectural design company has its own design concept and style, and accumulates corresponding architectural works.

More than 200 design units have signed up for the international competition in Shenzhen.

It is not only the bidding for resettlement housing, but also the “bustling” international bidding that seems to be tall.

Even if everyone performs well, it can only guarantee 70%, and the other 30% bonus can’t be taken out.

For the recently announced Jiaxing high-speed railway new town project, 103 design units participated in the bidding and formed 43 consortia.

What if no one changed? Party A made it clear that if you don’t do this project, other companies will do it.

In less than a year, we made 200 bids.

The experts in the conference room worked continuously for more than 20 hours because they were required to submit 20 minutes of multimedia video, and did not complete the bid evaluation until the second morning.

” 5.

On the large screen, all the famous design yards in the country are displayed.

The small waiting area has been crowded with people from 49 bidding units.

” A director of a design unit in Shanghai said, “our total bonus is limited.

Standing by, working and modifying at any time, all year round is becoming the norm“ I also hope you can have a holiday on New Year’s day, but Party A came to the task temporarily and said that there would be a meeting on the first day after the festival.

He has done hundreds of residential projects all over the country, and his team has only been established for a few years“ In this year, we have made more than 200 bids, “said President Liu, and his team has only more than 300 people, with an average of 1.5 bidding projects“ On the whole, our bid winning rate has decreased, but the number of our bid winning projects is increasing, and the output value is also increasing.

In addition, all indicators that should have been done by Party A should be calculated and reviewed by ourselves.

As early as 2018, President Liang participated in the public bidding for resettlement housing design (including architectural scheme, construction drawing and landscape design) organized by Hefei.

Some people call it “inside volume”, while others call it opportunity“ I don’t necessarily run better than the tiger, but as long as I can run better than you “, the industry is very poor, but you just don’t do the first one to be eliminated.

We really can’t serve.

Each family had 16 thick tender texts piled up on their desks, and the staff were busy unpacking and carrying them to the conference room.

It’s right to cut leeks in a sense.

A public bidding attracted 49 design units.

If something goes wrong, we should bear the responsibility..

Either we take very little, or we guarantee some people, about 60-70%, and others can only give up.

His main customers are front-line developers.

Two years ago, five strong platoons could get a project.

I don’t compete with tigers.

So Mr.

But if everyone is not satisfied and everyone leaves, the problem will be even greater.

We have to work in two shifts.

If the real estate does not rest, the architect must not stop.

Even if Party A rests, Party B must continue to change“ Never do real estate projects! “, A director of a courtyard in Beijing and a reporter of [youth Architecture] complained, “the developer’s projects are determined by the meeting at night.

Competition is a gesture.

However, intensive input did not bring a proportional increase in output, and the return per unit labor began to decline.

”  “ The current strong drainage scheme should be compared with many schemes.

Design itself is a difficult work to quantify, and the quality of scheme design is difficult to evaluate.

It seems that Party A is very simple, and the results are the result of Party B’s overnight work.

They know that only by working overtime all night can they find a way to survive.

Through communication, customers know whether their real needs match the concept of architects, and choose the appropriate design company.

Although they failed to win the bid, the top five can still get hundreds of thousands of base bid fees.

President Liang didn’t even get the base price this time.

Feng Gong has been doing land acquisition and forced drainage in a design company in Shenzhen for two years  [ Youth Architecture] said: “now it is time to make a land acquisition plan.

We will recruit again when we go.

Liang is always the director of a design institute in Anhui.

Domestic companies do design according to Party A’s ideas, often not design ability, but service.

However, this formula has a higher explanation“ Only the bonus of the core team can be guaranteed.

This paper is transferred from the inner volume “revolution” of youth architecture (ID: i80arch).

This is the case every year, which can also ensure the renewal and optimization of team personnel.

It seems difficult to satisfy employees and leaders.

In the first bidding, six units participated in the bidding.

This formula looks perfect: two people do the work of four people and pay three people.

Two years ago, we can make five.

They need to be mapped in the morning.

Do you do it or don’t you do it? ” The boss of a private design company in Shenzhen said, “only after the project is completed, let’s take a holiday together.” 4.2 individuals do 4 people’s work and pay 3 people’s wages.

It was first used to study rice agriculture in Java, Indonesia.

He told us the story of the bidding of resettlement houses in Hefei.

They can go and stay.


If you don’t leave after bad performance, you can not pay the bonus in the back.


With the decrease of the profit of the development project, it is necessary to calculate carefully in the early stage of land acquisition.

We all get fixed wages.

Whether it is land hooking or soil shooting, there are countless rounds of strong drainage cooperation.

Nowadays, the contraction of real estate and the blind expansion of the industry are making the architectural design industry face unprecedented development pressure.

Different household distribution requirements must correspond to different strong drainage schemes.

When he came to the bidding hall, he was startled by the scene in front of him.

How difficult it is for developers to get land, how difficult it is for design companies to get projects.

Farmers continue to increase labor input in the process of rice planting, so as to obtain higher yield and meet the food pressure caused by population growth.

How difficult it is for developers to get the land, how difficult it is for design companies to get the project.

For employees, everyone gets 1.5 times the salary, which is worth showing off with their classmates in that year; For the boss, three people’s money does four people’s business.

”  “ We don’t guarantee the minimum.

Each scheme house type should be designed, the sunshine review is correct, and the underground parking spaces should be arranged well.

The bidding design consists of three plots, nearly 1 million m2, and tens of millions of design contracts.

These 30% of the people are flexible.

Now, maybe 50 strong platoons can’t get a landing project.

Often a free land acquisition is forced, and the workload is fast catching up with the scheme design itself.

Has the “inner roll era” come[ Youth Architecture] recently visited a number of domestic architectural design companies to give you a real experience of the “inner volume” of the industry.

The contraction of the real estate makes “high turnover” the norm.

From 996 to 10247, where did you go on May Day and new year’s day? When people were still condemning 996, the architectural design industry had moved towards 10247, that is, working at 10 o’clock, working in the early morning, and working seven days a week.

Gilz proposed this concept.

If the company doesn’t guarantee the minimum for me, I can’t guarantee the minimum for employees.

After the meeting, they need to be mapped in the morning.

This phenomenon is “Involution”.

Liang planned to continue to work hard and participate in another bidding the next year.

The emergence of bidding itself is an embodiment of the internal volume of the industry.

” In southern cities, the service awareness of private design institutes in Shanghai, Shenzhen and Guangzhou is much higher.

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